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Nan Rich on a Scott vs. Crist race: 'Two Republicans'

The News Service of Florida's Jim Saunders reports on Nan Rich's speech Friday to the Florida Society of News Editors:

Nan Rich is frustrated. That much is clear. But the lifelong Democrat and former Senate minority leader isn't backing down.

She told news executives and editors Friday that she will continue battling for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination and trying to draw distinctions with opponent Charlie Crist, despite many of the party's fundraisers and leaders lining up behind Crist, a former Republican.

"We need to make sure we don't have two Republicans running in the gubernatorial election,'' Rich said during a forum that was part of the annual convention of the Florida Press Association and the Florida Society of News Editors at The Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables.

Rich wanted to debate Crist during the press gathering but was rebuffed. During an appearance Thursday, Crist said he needed to stay focused on challenging Republican Gov. Rick Scott and pointed to the massive amounts of money backing Scott's re-election bid.

"I am running against $100 million,'' Crist said. "I really don't have the luxury to take my eye off the ball."

That irked Rich. "People don't run against $100 million,'' she said. "They run against people."

Rich remains a longshot in the Aug. 26 primary.


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Highly paid Republican consultant

He is so right about the $100,000,000 the Boss will use to beat up the Dems!

 Education Advocate

Charlie Crist was a moderate when he was a Republican and is now a moderate as a democrat. The reality is in Florida unless you are ultra right wing conservative, the Republican paty has no place for you. As a democrat I welcome him to our party

Nan Rich served Broward well,but the reality is she does not have a chance against Rick Scott in November.

Rick Scott has been a terrible governor and I can't imagine four more years of this man. Charlie is our best chance to beat him.

I hope he is smart enough to run an effective campaign because this race is his to lose. As democrats we often shoot ourselves in the foot, Alex Sink did almost no out reach in the cuban community and not enought in the black community, and that cost her the election.

Charlie if you want to win this race you need Dade County.I have not seen any effective outreach to the Cuban Community yet and not enough in the African American community. Please don't make the mistakes Sink made, Rick Scott needs to go.

Joe Kreps

Nan Rich will not be the first longshot to win and Charlie will not be the first favorite to lose. "The first one now will later be last, for the times they are a-changing"

Broward bob

Poor josie, go back to New York and take hopeless but nice nan with you, you silly ankle biter.

Alan Kardoff

I like Nan but must go with Charlie. Scott's first two years were a disaster. His theme "Let's Get to Work"
makes me ask When Will He? Certainly he did not work for the 'people." The big money supporting Rick shows that Koch and company feel they can own FL. Somehow Charlie has to wake up his campaign.

Can't take anymore

Who keeps whispering in Nan's ear that her campaign has any chance at success? She stays in the race as a spoiler, just like Ralph Nader in 2000 who was the reason George W Bush got just enough votes to spend 8 years ruining our economy and sinking us in unwinnable wars. It helped W that his brother, Kathryn Harris and the Supreme Court (sic. Fat Tony Scalia) helped steal the election for him in Florida.

Joe Kreps

Nan has already said she would support Crist if he wins the primary. Charlie's silence on this speaks volumes of his Democratic credentials.

Highly paid Republican consultant

Joe is right.

Once the primary is over the Dems will unite but the Boss will kick their butts!

REAL Democrat

Apparently Florida has an awful lot of DINO's, which are really about the same as Moderate Republicans. TRUE BLUE Democrats would be supporting NAN RICH all the way! The two major parties have gotten totally screwed up from what they used to be in Florida!

Alan Kardoff

Having watched more ads and articles, when my absentee ballot arrived, I voted for Nan. I can now live with
my conscience.

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