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Rick Scott campaign's LeBron James-size gaffe -- a 'moron' move on Twitter


If LeBron James-size gaffes decided elections, Gov. Rick Scott’s campaign is on its way to fouling out.

On Friday, when Miami Heat fans mourned James’ decision to return to the Cleveland Cavaliers, someone from Scott World had a brilliant idea: Compare the basketball champion to . . . Charlie Crist, Scott’s Democratic opponent.

You read that right.

Scott’s campaign “attacked” Crist by comparing him to the wildly popular star who led the Heat to four consecutive NBA finals, including two titles.


The logic behind the Scott “attack” is rooted in Crist’s terrible 2010 decision to run for U.S. Senate and not seek a second term as governor. Scott World says Crist was trying to escape the state’s problems by going to Washington.

“What do these two guys have in common? They both ran away,” the campaign said in an email that contained a picture featuring the likenesses of Crist and James.

The Republican Party of Florida shortly thereafter Tweeted out the image with a link to an older attack ad, titled “Run Away,” that savaged Crist for the poor economy on his watch.

Judging from many responses on Twitter, Scott World looked clueless at best and pusillanimous at worst.

“Seriously . . . Making more Miami Voters not like you is not the way to go and makes my job harder in Miami-Dade. Work with me!” tweeted Stephen McDuffie, a former college Republican leader.

Daniel Ruoss, a Heat fan and chairman of the Florida Young Republicans, let loose a string of angered responses.

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Republican Operative

Actually, I'm a Republican and agree this was a moron move by Team Scott. It is mean-spirited, petty, and shows a complete lack of understanding of the public mood. In other words, everything that Team Scott's crack staff is known for.

Seth Platt

Looks like something that dumb GOP hack posing as ed jenkins on this blog would have written. GOP communications are a bunch of mean girls spewing vitriol and lies. Never any substance or intelligent positions on issues, probably cause they don't have any that are favored by the public. EPICFAIL

Highly paid Republican operative

Bingo my Republican operative friend.


Rick is having another bad week. He keeps putting his foot in his mouth. His handlers at this point do not know quite what to do. With election day coming maybe they should find a Rick Scott look alike. You know, an actor to impersonate Rick. Out in public Rick is a disaster.

Bill Thompson

Just one more example of the scumbag Scott and his clueless campaign being out of touch with the everyday Floridian and their lives. He is only focused on giving sweetheart deals to his out of state carpetbagger GOP fat cats in exchange for their millions of campaign contributions. Scott flies high above on his private jet and travels in blacked out SUV's to orchestrated appearances, hiding from the press and the everyday Florida voters. His game plan is to use his $100 million war chest to destroy the opponent, play rope a dope until November and manipulate things to tamp down the voter turnout.

This horrible man Scott has flip flopped on practically every issue in a desperate attempt to make himself look like a mainstream moderate when he is really an out of the mainstream ultra right winger. He now approves of giving tuition breaks to illegal aliens when before he was for an arizona style immigration law.

Highly paid Republican operative

Bill I have told you repeatedly that it is offensive to refer to the Boss as scumbag.

Please cease and desist.

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