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Rick Scott haunted by familiar refrain: Release the deposition!


Dr daveRelease the deposition! Your character’s in question!

Shouting into bullhorn and dressed in hospital scrubs, the chant from the Republican who called himself “Dr. Dave” interrupted Rick Scott in 2010 after he cast his ballot in Naples at the end of the GOP primary for governor.

The issue of the deposition had haunted Scott in that race.

And Democrats hope it weighs on him again now that they’ve announced a new digital media buy and website, releasethedeposition.com.

“What is so damning that Rick Scott won’t release it, no matter what the price?” the Democrats’ party chairwoman, Allison Tant, said in a conference call with reporters.

Scott won't release it now, essentially the same answer he gave in 2010: "It's a private matter and I will not release the deposition.”

A week before he first announced for governor, Scott gave the sworn testimony in a lawsuit against Scott’s chain of walk-in-clinics, Solantic, which was accused by a doctor of unlawfully using his name in a regulatory matter.

The Democrats' attack has a one-two-punch against Scott because it leads to mention of: his former healthcare company, Columbia/HCA, which had paid a record Medicare fraud; and how Scott once pleaded the Fifth Amendment 75 times (due to pending criminal investigations) in yet another deposition in a later healthcare lawsuit.

In 2010, Scott’s refusal to release the Solantic deposition badly hurt him in the GOP Republican primary, where internal campaign tracking polls showed his lead over then-Attorney General Bill McCollum dropped precipitously in the wake of the controversy.

InmateMcCollum allies funded TV ads about the issue. They also paid two “Dr. Dave” and another heckler dressed in a black-and-white-striped jail outfit named “Inmate 2010” to follow Scott around in an SUV wrapped with a grainy image of Scott’s face and the message “Rick Scott: Release the Deposition.”

A similar message – “RICK SCOTT, RELEASE YOUR DEPOSITION” -- was trailed behind a biplane at a Jacksonville Jaguars game that Scott visited. NOTE: All these pictures in this blog are of Republicans or Republican-paid operatives, not Democrats, from 2010.

Scott won that GOP race and went on to beat Democrat Alex Sink who also put millions of dollars behind release-the-deposition TV ads. Scott, barely won in what was then a Republican-red year.

Scott received fewer votes than any of the other four Republicans on the statewide ballot.

The Republican Party response to the new website/old attack: "Charlie Crist’s campaign of constant distraction and mudslinging is an attempt to hide his own problems with ethics and transparency. Crist is drumming up old, failed attacks because he doesn’t want to talk about the 38 days it’s been since he refused to release his and his spouse’s tax returns, and the 179 days it’s been since he refused to debate Nan Rich.” –Susan Hepworth, RPOF Communications Director

Scott depo wagon


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ed jenkins

The readers have grown extremely tired of this most horrible article writer who is lazy and now reprints old news on private matters that do not concern the citizens. They recommend the removal of this article writer by the herald owners to help restore this one great paper to its prior quality.


Scott knows full well-as does the Repug Party-that he cannot escape his perfidy and his guilt in the HCA debacle. He and the rest of the Repubs are now trying to hold on to the slight lead-if Wylie and rich were to retire from this race, Crist would have no trouble at overcoming Scott's lead. The man BOUGHT this office and has, for the last 3 years, increased his and his corporate friends' portfolios and net worth tremendously. None of those $$ will be spent to help the citizens of the State of Florida-nor will it stay in-State.
For Scott to cast aspersions on Crist-calling HIM a mudslinger-is one of the more hypocritical statements to come from ANYONE in the Fl. Repug Party.


I seriously do not remember at all any "release the deposition" ads or campaigns here in Broward County.

I knew Rick Scott's Medicare fraud background and Solantic connection and thought everyone else did too. I was shocked when Scott beat McCollum and thought "there's no way more people in Florida are going to vote for a medicare fraud-crook than a very conservative democrat who worked well with the republican conservative majority legislature and governor and who is also spunky".

I was wrong (but by only 1%).

So while some of you may be complaining "this is old stuff, we've already heard it", I can tell you, not everybody everywhere heard it. I think it's fair game to bring up again.

Bill McCollum

How did I ever lose to this guy?

Doug Watson

Of course now the GOP mouthpiece must attack the reporter and as usual avoid the subject!


Slowly but surely I am seeing Rick Scott implode. The last straw was his refusal to answer questions. This from someone who has refused to answer questions before under oath. Time for a change and it could not come quick enough.

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