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Rick Scott's question of the day: Why don't you answer questions?

 Gov. Rick Scott held a press conference in Tampa Tuesday to urge people to prepare for hurricane season. He was greeted with a series of questions from Tampa television reporters -- not about hurricanes but about minimum wage, on-duty police and why he has a reputation for not answering questions
His answer: "I answer questions.  I have the opportunity to talk to the media a lot."
Here's the transcript, courtesy of Liz Crampton of the Tampa Bay Times:
Q: Are you doing anything differently to make sure that an event like last week (having on-duty officers appear at your campaign event) doesn't happen again?
Scott: We're always making sure that we comply with the law, comply with the rules. Here's what's nice. The police chief association I'm real proud that they endorsed me. 40 sheriffs endorsed me. People want to come to our campaign events. We let people know. But look, this is all Charlie Crist mudslinging. He has nothing to run on. He can't talk about jobs. He lost jobs. He lost 32,000 jobs. What about education? He cut education funding. So we're doing the right thing and I'm proud that people want to come to our campaign events. 
Q: Do you support a higher minimum wage in Florida?
Scott: I support more jobs. I support higher paying jobs. That's why I recruited Health Plan, Hertz, Deutche bank, all these companies. We've done 350 transactions...We're growing jobs in our state. Here's what's exciting. We're attracting high paying jobs. Corporate offices are coming to FL now. Regional offices are coming to FL. That's what we're doing. I'm trying to grow the state by adding jobs. 
Q: Why do you think you have a reputation for not answering questions?
Scott: I answer questions. I have the opportunity to talk to the media a lot. I love traveling the state. I talk to people all over the state. It's an exciting time to be in FL.
Q: Are you aware that the person you appointed for the expressway is now facing several ethical violations...?
Scott: I expect everybody that gets appointed, every public official to live up to the highest standards. 
Q: So do you plan on having him step down?
Scott: I expect everybody that gets appointed, every public official, to live up to the highest standards. 
Q: But if he hasn't, then what's the next step for you? 
Scott: I'm going to expect, like I do with everybody else in the state, expect high standards. 


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William C.

Ask me no questions and I tell you no lies.

Highly paid Republican consultant

Stop badgering the Boss!


I'd love to hear what came of "The governor's going to do some Spanish over here to the side, please" (end of video clip).

"Do some Spanish"? Really?


Hey, you people voted for the jerk so you deserve what you get.

Lynn Anderson

It's always such a pleasure to hear smears from liberal reporters especially before breakfast.


And Charlie answers questions?

Ask him a policy question and see what you get... bwuahahahahaahahaha


He learned from obama

ed jenkins

The readers are tired of lazy article writers who complain that political leaders do not essentially write stories for them. Journalists of the past researched stories and looked for multiple sources rather than these lazy hometown paper article writers who simply want to reprint press releases or publish quotes fed to them by public officials. The readers recommend this hometown paper terminate these lazy article writers to stop the massive declines in subscribers witnessed over recent decades.


Scott is a master at not providing answers to ANY questions-whether asked by the "hometown" reporters or national media. Most politicians, of all political persuasions, seem to have this particular trait-maybe they're born with it. Scott, however, has failed to give a succinct answer to any question posed; he is incapable of saying, "yes, no, or even maybe". Republicans, as a whole,are better at obfuscation, though-they've had a lot of practice in the last few years. Possibly because they simply don't KNOW the answer to anything ,or, more likely, they don't wish to have anything they say on record. In this article, one notes that Scott,as usual, did not provide an answer to a single question asked.
@ Mr. Ed-I would hazard a guess that the decline in subscribers is due more to the availability of digital content than any decrease in the journalistic excellence or ability of present-day "article writers".
And, as a personal favor to me, (and, I believe, many others) I would appreciate your ceasing to include me among your ubiquitous "the readers" and/or "the citizens" in your daily rants. I certainly do not ascribe to your particular views on anything. I would respectively ask that you cease and desist using the "royal plural" when you post. You really do NOT have a clue as to how others think or what their viewpoints may be on any given subject.

Keith Stegath

I am an engineer and a candidate for Florida's Governor. As an engineer, my job is to determine and then solve the problem. Unanswered questions will lead to errors and failure. As and engineer and Governor, my job is to assure there is no ambiguity to a question.

Keith Stegath

Bill Thompson

This just re-emphasizes the disdain that the scumbag Scott has for everyday Floridians and doesn't care about them. All he cares about is taking care of his out of state fat cat billionaire campaign contributors and giving them what they want in exchange for their campaign contributions. This horrible man continues to hide behind staged events, blacked out SUV's going 70 mph and his private jet that he doesn't release the travel schedule for. This is the same scumbag that claims he believes in transparency.


He gets that deer in the head lights look in his eyes, and numbly repeats himself.

NOT fair having a battle of wits with an unarmed person.

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