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RPOF: Schools superintendent should ask Crist to stop using ad

from Cara Fitzpatrick of the Tampa Bay Times:

School administrators at St. Petersburg High allowed Charlie Crist to film a campaign ad at their school in violation of School Board policy. Now the Republican Party of Florida would like superintendent Mike Grego to ask Crist to stop using the ad.

Juston Johnson, executive director of the RPOF, wrote a strongly worded letter to Grego in which he said the TV advertisement made it appear that the School Board endorsed Crist, who is running as a Democrat against Gov. Rick Scott.

Johnson wrote, "I write to respectfully request that you take immediate action to prevent the appearance of the School Board's endorsement of a political candidate by demanding that all stations currently airing this ad cease doing so."

He said that Grego needed to ensure that the integrity of the school system is maintained.

The Crist campaign started airing the TV spot last week. In it, Crist attacks Scott's record on education. Crist also references his own education at St. Petersburg High, where he was class president and quarterback of the football team. The name of the school is featured in the beginning of the ad.

The school district released a statement Wednesday saying the filming was the result of an "error in judgment."

The letter was delivered Thursday and there hasn't been a response from Grego yet.

Read the letter below.

Download Pinellas County Schools Letter


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ed jenkins

Democrat primary voters are disgusted that they are being put through this daily embarrassment by their party leaders of having to be associated with this scumbag crist and his continuous illegal, unethical and immoral activity that is greatly offensive to this family friendly state. They have asked on many occasions for this most horrible person to be removed from their ballot and lose party leader preferred status that has been so corruptly given to him over the one true democrat nancy lady.

Bill Thompson

A desperate action by a desperate failing campaign of the scumbag Scott that's desperate to hold on to power. This most horrible man will do anything to hold onto power. He should be running on his record, if it is so great and not playing all these games.

Voice of reason

Great line about grocery stores.

D is on fire attacking dummys, retards, and vegetables.

And who can forget leaches. All he missed is scumbag.

Bill Thompson

The citizens recall the years of transparency and integrity by governors Askew, Graham and Chiles and long for state leadership that shows integrity and transparency. It is sad that we don't have state leadership of this caliber today.

Bill Thompson

The scumbag Scott and his desperate campaign staff must be very very scared of losing to Crist to be running all these sleazy dirty tricks and releasing their attack dogs on anyone that criticizes them. It is sad when this desperate most horrible man has to resort to dirty tricks and slimy campaign tactics in a desperate attempt to win re-election. The citizens are disgusted with the sleazy way that this most horrible man is running his campaign.


These discourses go to the root of the problem. Instead of just stating your opinion and respecting others right to their opinion, people revert to personal attack!

ed jenkins

This Cheryl appears to be a positive reader unlike the "D" and "Bill Thompson" characters that the readers have grown increasingly tired of seeing in their paper every morning after their nightly fights. The readers recommend these two most horrible individuals who have intense ager at each other take their fight to some other forum.

Voice of reason

ed she is talking about you. But you are too thick to realize.

Keith Stegath

What a great bunch of comments. So revealing about the state of our country.

Could it be that the in-fighting (not inbreeding) between us is exactly what "they" want?
Could it be that the Corporate Controllers know that if they keep us distracted and fighting among ourselves, we won't notice that "Man Behind the Curtain"?

As long as we allow the powers-that-be distract us by their prodding with a stick, our nation will continue to decline.

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