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Rubio now endorses medical marijuana -- but only low-THC strain

Marco Rubio, MH@LearyReports

Sen. Marco Rubio this afternoon said he supports the use of medical marijuana but only the noneuphoric type approved by the Florida Legislature.

His comments came in a wide-ranging interview with reporters, and the Florida Republican made clear he was limiting support to noneuphoric strains such as "Charlotte's Web."

Rubio called the ballot initiative before voters this November a "ruse" that could allow people with dubious medical needs to get access to the high-inducing form of the drug.

"You've seen how this has been abused in many parts of this country. It's the reality that there are states now that you go in and can have a doctor write you a prescription for something that you are really just using for purposes of acquiring legally a recreational drug."

In January, when first asked about the ballot initiative, Rubio said: “You hear compelling stories of people who say the use of medicinal marijuana  provides relief for the thing they are suffering. So I'd like to learn more about that aspect of it, the science of it. I have qualms about that proposal, I really do, but I probably need to learn more about it. The broader issue of whether we should be legalizing it is something I'm pretty firm about. I don’t think legalizing marijuana or even decriminalizing it is the right decision for our country."

Rubio's opposition goes against growing public support in Florida. A poll released this week showed 88 percent of Florida voters now would allow use of marijuana for medical purposes, up from 82 percent support that Quinnipiac reported in November.
About 55 percent of Floridians would legalize marijuana for recreational use, the poll reported — up 7 percent from November. More on that here.

Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson has said he supports the ballot initiative. "Just listen to the personal testimonies of people that nothing will help them as they are dying and marijuana gives them comfort and relieves the pain," he told the Tampa Bay Times recently.


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Frank Mirabella

I had a cancer kid and she passed away at age 13. She had three surgeries, was pumped full of poisons and quit eating. She had a great medical team at the University of Florida, but in the end the only thing that they could do for her was to tick up the morphine pump. Exactly, what is anyone's problem with using a marijuana pill to alleviate pain or give a sick person an appetite? People that have a debilitating illness ought to be able to try any medication that their physician thinks might help. The great thing about Amendment 2 is that it gets the politicians the hell out from between the physician and the patient.

Frank Mirabella

Nevada del Rio

If they are into any religion, or against legal pot , or against women as there bible is , don't vote for them , we have seen what the religious vote has done to america and the world , has kept mankind back 2000 years, time for the non belivers to get a shot in office , if the youth of america dont wake up there lifes and there kids lifes will be hell on earth . Common sence tells us a god is not possible and in 2014 no need for that myth to carry on.

Thomas Hay

marijuana has been illegal for over sixty years millions have been arrested and it is still everywhere. lets quit wasting taxpayers money.tabacco, alcohol,prescription drugs, even sugar are all much more deadly. why does anyone care if a 40 or 50 year old adult smokes marijuana. I DONT.

ed jenkins

The citizens are horrified that these dangerous illegal drugs are being considered to enter their family friendly society where they will harm children and lead to worthless lives for adults.

Wayne Bonner

Read the NY Times series of editorials on making pot available. After extensive study, the editoral board found no rational reason not to legalize pot. Protections for children, of course, but otherwise, who are you to tell me what I can do? The opposition to pot has a long, crooked history, but it was built entirely on prejudice, not evidence.

Can't take anymore

Looks like Marcocito has found another bandwagon to climb on to. He always waits to be sure it is a politically safe move. I wonder if he will promise not inhale in his next grand announcement.


He did put his neck in the noose for immigration reform. But he back peddled all the way to Venezuela.

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