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Saying 'time is of the essence' plaintiffs want remedy in redistricting case

The voters groups who succeeded in getting the state's congressional map thrown out of court last week asked a judge on Monday to expedite a hearing to set a schedule for repairing the state's congressional redistricting map. 

"In light of forthcoming congressional elections, time is of the essence for drawing a
remedial congressional plan and completing the proceedings necessary for completion of this
case,'' wrote the League of Women Voters and the voters who brought the case, in a motion filed with Circuit Court Judge Terry Lewis.  Download 2014 07-14 CP's Mot-Expedited Status Hearing (1)

They want Lewis to call a status hearing soon so that they can move forward recommending changes to the legislatively-drawn map that Lewis has ruled is unconstitutional. 

According to redistricting experts, there are three options before the court

• The judge orders the Legislature to redraw the maps,

• The court asks for submissions from the parties and chooses among them, and

• The court retains a special master to draw the maps.

No word yet as to whether the Legislature is going to appeal the case but both parties expect that will happen. Here's the motion filed Monday:  Download Plaintiff's Motion for Status Hearing


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ed jenkins

The citizens have had enough of these cartographers and this group that claims to represent one entire sex of voters wasting taxpayer confiscated funds on these mundane administrative duties of their state legislatures and for a final time suggest that these people with too much time on their hands take these issues up with their local congressmen.


Really? This is the best we've got?

One is "The judge can order the fox to guard the hen house" (clearly unacceptable)

Two is "The court asks for submissions but will only be able to choose from among what is submitted" (still problematical)

Three is "The court retains some mysterious unknown "special master" (is that like a Jedi Master?) and accepts whatever he decides" (Yeah, 'cause nothing could go wrong with that).

Still, all in all, I'd rather see money spent to at least try to correct the problem than have it spent in wasteful appeals.

James Gragg

There is a forth option; Revert back to the original district maps. Unless a party can conclusively show substantial harm by doing so, other than "political inconvenienced" it should be considered.


Judge Lewis apparently is one of the few in this State who has not been bought by the Republican Machine-National & State. The redistricting maps were drawn with forethought to both gerrymander several districts and those who involved took great care to try to hide their action from the public. Gaetz, Weatherford, et al-KNEW full well what they were doing was not only illegal, but also in direct opposition to the voters' Fair Districting law. They deleted their emails in an attempt to hide their trail from the public-and they were aware that, while not required by law, that the citizens would demand explanation and a lawsuit would be filed. If the Florida voters fail to go to the polls in Nov., these same kinds of behind closed door actions will continue. Florida citizens will find themselves under even more thrall to a corrupt administration. No wonder Florida has bee identified by numerous agencies as the most corrupt and most gerrymandered State in the nation. The people making the laws now are thieves-were they acting so in the private sector, every one of these criminals would be tried and sent to prison. I am disgusted and angry at the way the people in Florida have allowed such obvious criminal acts to flourish. Rick Scott and his minions MUST go!


FL needs a bipartisan commission with equal numbers of R's and Ds to draw district boundaries.

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