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Scott makes new jobs promises at campaign event

Another week, another policy tour for Gov. Rick Scott with a focus on ... you guessed it ... jobs.

Scott’s campaign brought his “Jobs for the Next Generation” tour to Pompano Beach this morning at Hoerbiger Corp., which manufactures parts for compressors. The company is headquartered in Switzerland and employs about 350 people at the Pompano Beach site. 

Scott chatted up workers as he toured the facility (without the safety goggles that reporters and other visitors had to wear) and then gave a short speech in which he talked up the growth in manufacturing jobs.

Scott also used the event to bash his expected opponent, former Gov. Charlie Crist, for jobs lost during his tenure. Scott didn’t name Crist, but said that FLorida “lost 832,000 jobs in four years” before he became governor while under his watch the state has added “over 620,000 jobs.”

Both statements ignore this context: Crist governed during a national recession while Scott led during a national recovery. Unemployment rose under Crist and fell under Scott though economists warn against any simple claims about credit or blame.

This particular jobs plan focused on manufacturing and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) jobs and included the following promises should he win a second four-year term:

* Permanently eliminate the manufacturing sales tax -- under Scott the Legislature eliminated it through 2017.

* Create a program to give STEM teachers summer jobs in the private sector and pay them with $10,000 in state money

* Secure $10 million to create $10,000 STEM degree programs. (In 2012, Scott urged all four-year colleges to offer $10,000 degrees.)

* Pursue $30 million for workforce training focused on STEM and other high-skilled, high-wage jobs

* Expand the number of National Cancer Institute-designated cancer centers in the state from one to three

* Achieve it's first Top 10 and second Top-25 public research institution

The first day of Scott's tour coincided with the campaign announcing an endorsement by the Manufacturers Association of Florida. Scott took his tour to Boca Raton in the afternoon and plans to continue the tour in Orlando tomorrow. 

Kevin Cate, a spokesman for the Crist campaign, said that Crist will soon release his own policy proposal about jobs. 



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Rick Scott governed during the worst national "recovery" in 100 years. He gets lots of credit for what he's done on jobs.

ed jenkins

The citizens do not want their political leaders claiming credit for employment levels. All that political leaders can do is maintain a business friendly environment which may or may not lead to payroll increases depending on whether firms use labor or capital to increase revenue.


Maryanne, Florida's job growth has been almost exactly as expected from BEFORE Rick Scott even ran for governor.

Can you, or anyone, tell me even just one thing Scott has done, or has enacted, and when he did that, and then tie later job growth to it?

I keep asking that question, and no one, no one here or when I ask it elsewhere, has been able to answer it.

Keith Stegath

SCOOP, SCOOP, SCOOP - Stop the presses, bits, and bytes.

A candidate for office is promising to create jobs.

Is that enough to be a qualified candidate - reciting the magic words?



Scott failed to meet his first job promise of an ADDITIONAL 100,000 jobs.
This is A LOT of investment for 5% of the work force. That's right, STEM jobs account for less than 5% of the work force. Current projections are for 411,000 STEM jobs in Floriduh by 2018. That is for a work force of OVER 10 MILLION workers. So what is the real drive behind Scott's love affair with STEM? Could it be that a large majority of these jobs are in HEALTH related fields? Is Scott investing public resources to benefit his favorite industry? Is Scott being a good Republican and picking the winners with crony crapitalism?

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