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Scott's embrace of U.S. Sugar at odds with his 2010 campaign



Before he was governor, Rick Scott attacked another Florida politician for accepting campaign funds from U.S. Sugar. He even said Bill McCollum, his opponent in the 2010 Republican primary, had been "bought and paid for.''

Four years later, Scott has received at least $534,000 for his reelection campaign from the corporate giant, and went on a 2013 hunting trip to its hunting lodge at King Ranch in Texas.

"The governor enjoys hunting and doesn't get to go as often as he'd like," said campaign spokesman Greg Blair in a Tuesday night e-mail. "But he enjoyed the experience. He was even able to shoot a buck on the trip."

While Scott bagged a buck, his hosts may claim the bigger prize: access to the state's most powerful politicians.

Read story here.

Also, watch this video, starting at the 1:53 mark.




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Bill McCollum

How did I ever lose to this guy?

ed jenkins

The citizens are pleased that this scott supports one of the largest businesses in this business friendly state.


Granting special access and accepting gifts are ed jenkings definitions of "support." If Scott supported Florida's citizens as enthusiastically as his special interest allies, .... I can't even bring myself to complete the sentence because the condition is too contrary to reality.

Bill Thompson

This is just one more example of the scumbag Scott flip-flopping on issues, saying one thing and then doing another. He's against taking money from big sugar in 2010 and now he's taking money from big sugar and being entertained by them out of state at secretive meetings cutting deals with his pay to play mentality. This most horrible man says that he is for transparency, but doesn't follow through with his actions.

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