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Second take: How Q-Poll shows favorable trends for Rick Scott v. Charlie Crist


Yesterday morning, when Quinnipiac University posted its press release about the governor's race poll, I copied and pasted it on the blog. The news print story went into more depth about the context of the poll, which revealed better trendlines for Gov. Rick Scott than Democrat Charlie Crist.

And as, I've said numerous times: It ain't the topline, it's the trend.

An excerpt:

• Strong leadership. By 54-38 percent, voters say Scott is a strong leader compared to Crist’s 49-43 percent. That’s close to the opposite of the April findings. Scott’s index has moved 11 percentage points in the governor’s favor, Crist’s index has moved 12 points to his detriment.

• Truthfulness. Crist took a notable hit in appearing honest and trustworthy. His -9 index (39-48 percent) is down from a +2 index in April. That’s a net 11-point shift. Scott’s index is about the same.

• Favorability. Only 40 percent have a favorable impression of Scott and 45 percent an unfavorable impression. But his -5 favorability index is an all-time high and a 2-point improvement since April. Crist’s 40-42 percentage favorability spread is an all-time low; a -2 index that represents a 9-point shift to his detriment.

• Job approval. Scott’s anemic 43-48 percent job-approval numbers is his best ever. The -5 index represents a 3-point shift in his favor since April.

• Compassion and caring. Does Crist care about voters? More say no than yes now. His index is -3, a 9-point shift against him. Scott’s index is worse: -11. But that’s an improvement from -17. Crist is seen as more compassionate than Scott by 12 percentage points, but the spread is 3 points smaller than it was in April.

• Head-to-head lead. Leaving out [Libertarian Adrian] Wyllie, Crist’s 5-point lead of 45-40 percent has been cut exactly in half from his 10-point, 48-38 percentage lead he had in April.

Story here


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ed jenkins

The readers are disgusted with this constant low quality product that this once great hometown paper is putting out which has resulted in massive subscriber losses I recent decades. This most horrible writer should not be allowed to continue to be employed for his constant inability to produce a news story and the readers do not consider opinion surveys to be news.

Mrs. Ed Jenkins

Caputo: give it up. You know races are always in flux. Remember Romneys surge in late summer/early fall. Anywho.

Bill McCollum

How did I ever lose to this guy?


Bill McCollum says "How did I ever lose to this guy?" The answer is simple Bill. You are an establishment Republican, and most people are sick of establishment Republicans. Now that Scott has assimilated himself into the true Republican Party (crony crapitalist and welfare for the wealthy pimp), he too will be sent home.


Go rick scott your awesome, you really helped to get this state on its feet again!!! I work on many many different construction projects everything from private to federally funded Rick Scott gave people the piece of mind to invest in this great state once again, We dont need any more charlie the chameleon flip flopper

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