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Senate Prez-elect Andy Gardiner's staff takes shape


There is the expected churn in the Senate president's office as Don Gaetz winds down his tenure and Andy Gardiner prepares to take the reins.

Gaetz's chief of staff, Chris Clark, resigned and was recently named senior vice president of public affairs at the Florida Medical Association. Gardiner promoted Clark's deputy, Reynold Meyer, to serve as his chief of staff.

Tony Cortese, who has worked for Gardiner in various capacities over the years, will become his education policy advisor. Andrew Mackintosh will move over from the Senate Majority Office to serve as Gardiner's economic policy advisor.

Stacy VanCamp-Garcia, a longtime advisor to Gardiner, will also join his Senate presidency staff. 

There are several holdovers from Gaetz's staff, including communicators director Katie Betta, health policy chief Carol Gormley, general counsel George Levesque, and senior policy advisor Lisa Vickers.

Gardiner, R-Orlando, will officially become Senate president in a ceremony some time after the November election.

Gaetz, R-Niceville, still has two more years in his term and will keep Eric Edwards as his chief legislative aide in Tallahassee.


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Can't take anymore

Kind of looks like staff will continue to run the Senate while the pol's get to grandstand and raise money for re-election. Business as usual. The House will be doing pretty much the same. It's what passes for leadership in the Florida Legislature.


It's funny and sad to watch the Republicans hand power over to each other. The same names, the same nepotism, the same harmful policies. Tallahassee Republicans can't rail against the excesses of government because they are the excess: welfare for the wealthy and crony crapitalism.
Thank you Marco Rubio for being so instrumental in handing so much power to Tallahassee Republicans (sarcasm). May you have a long and prosperous national career in politics, but whatever happens, please never return to Florida state politics (not sarcasm).

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