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Sheldon unveils new radio spot that takes the quiet approach with Bondi

George Sheldon's new radio campaign for Florida Attorney General was unveiled Monday to the sound of crickets.

That's not how the ad, attacking current Attorney General Pam Bondi, was received. That's actually the sound that begins the 60-second spot: crickets.

"This is what we hear when utility companies try to cut successful conservation programs and raise our rates.  Crickets from Pam Bondi's office. Pam Bondi repeatedly looks the other way when corporations and her big contributors try to rip off Floridians. If big companies want a favor from Bondi, she takes their money then cues the crickets."

It goes on to imply that Sheldon, when he was deputy Florida attorney general under Bob Butterworth from 1999 to 2002, power companies were held accountable. How does it imply this? Sirens blare in the ad as the announcer intones: "This is the sound you heard when George Sheldon was deputy attorney general, and power companies tried to cut service and raise rates."

Public utilities are something Sheldon's campaign has been targeting of late. Last week, the 67-year-old held a news conference to urge state regulators to prevent utilities from cutting conservation programs. The ad is meant to spotlight Bondi's silence on the consumer issue.

Whether the response will be crickets or much more depends on how often it's played and in what markets. 

While the ad targets Bondi, Sheldon must still beat his Democratic rival, Rep. Perry Thurston, D-Fort Lauderdale, in the Aug. 26 primary. 

Listen here for radio ad.



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Seth Platt

Thanks George for sticking up for Renewable Energy.

ed jenkins

This most horrible candidate who thinks he knows how to run power companies better than the executives of those companies or that it is even any of his business is not approved by democrat primary voters and as a result of this nonsense this Thurston fellow will receive the vote. Either way the state's most popular politician, Bondi will win re-election as she seems on a great path to be the state's next governor or a future senator.

Karen Landers

George Sheldon is an outstanding gentleman.

Mary Ann Lindley

Electing George should help bring Florida out of its 1950s thinking!

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