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So long to Crist's NASCAR sponsorship

has been waved on Charlie Crist at the Daytona International Speedway.

A campaign gift of a NASCAR sponsorship for Saturday's nationally televised Coke Zero 400 is now off — not because the rival Republican Party of Florida complained, but because the registered owner of the race car in question, record producer Mike Curb, used to be a Republican lieutenant governor of California and asked the decals not appear.

"I did it out of respect to Mike Curb, who is a staunch Republican and he didn't feel comfortable and he's been a huge supporter and a partner to us from the very start," racing car partner Phil Parsons told the Sporting News at the speedway Friday morning. "In respect to Michael, we decided to take it off."

Parsons told the Sporting News that he had been paid by a supporter of Crist's to put the Democratic gubernatorial candidate stickers on the No. 98 car driven by Josh Wise.

Crist's name was to appear in six places on the car. The sponsorship was reported to be worth between $25,000 and $50,000.

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Conservative NASCAR fan

Good... as a Floridian, Charlie Crist was a lousy governor when he was a Republican. Now the snake is a Dem and he will ruin Florida. Floridians didn't want him as senator, we surely don't want him as Governor.

Joe Kreps

Flip Flopped again.

Huhuhuh huhuhuh

Yeah rick Scott is better. Stupid hillbillies

ed jenkins

Democrat primary voters are disgusted that party leaders continue to allow this most horrible man to retain party leader preferred status and take up a ballot position following one embarrassment after another. They have had enough of this horrendous job party leadership has done by continuing to ignore and not reverse this mistake and in addition to never supporting this scumbag crist democrat primary voters including this one plan to fully replace this incompetent and corrupt party leadership.


Bwahahahah. Yeah, the law (and complaint) had nothing to do with it.

Highly paid Republican Consultant

The Boss did not want it to happen. He was very
embarrassed so we it got it pulled.

Another defeat for the Democrats!

ed jenkins

Democrat primary voters, especially this one continue to be disgusted that this continuing embarrassment that is the scumbag crist. They are horrified that once trusted party leaders could not see that this horrible man has been sent as a Trojan horse by republicans who knew it would destroy the democrat party once the much predicted campaign meltdown that we have seen in process for more than six months now began.

Highly paid Republican consultant

ed we did not send any Trojan horse. If we had then there would be no need to spend $100,000,000 to beat this Trojan horse.

The Boss is very worried and asks all good conservative Republicans to keep sending money to bury the Democrats once and for all!

Bill Thompson

The scumbag Scott sent in his goons and told them what would happen if they didn't take off the decals. This horrible man will do anything and everything to revive his desperate, failing re-election campaign. The RPOF should force this horrible man to step down before he drags down the entire republic party ticket in November.

Highly Placed Scott Operative

All this scumbag talk is really spreading. Last night, the missus got mad at the boss and called him a scumbag. Yikes!

Highly paid Republican consultant

Please do not bring the Bosses' wife into this.

That is way out of bounds going after the wife of a candidate!

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