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Stumbles aside, numerous numbers favor Rick Scott


Charlie Crist had one of the best weeks of the governor’s race after picking a widely admired running mate, Annette Taddeo, Miami-Dade County’s Democratic leader.

And Gov. Rick Scott, called out by TV stations across Florida and the nation for serial non-answers and question-dodging, had one of the toughest stretches ever.

But don’t let the coverage fool you. Crist has serious trouble on his hands.

He knows it. Crist’s admittedly “unorthodox” early pick of Taddeo — 40 days before the primary against Democrat Nan Rich — shows it.

And beyond the horse-race headlines and the tragicomic TV of an odd-gazing Scott murmuring poll-tested platitudes (“I’m against discrimination”), Scott has numerous advantages.

“One number should worry you: $70 million. That’s how much Rick Scott spent in 2010,” Taddeo told Democrats in January, underestimating the Republican’s personal $75.1 million in spending when he was first elected in 2010.

Scott has a number of other numbers on his side:

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Highly paid Republican operative

Finally it needs to be understood that with $100,000,000
at his disposal there is now way the Dems can defeat the Boss! It is over people!


Money can't buy you love. (Beatles)

ed jenkins

The citizens initially doubted this scott but he has won them over with his exemplary fiscal stewardship. Democrat primary voters are aware of this and the fact that their party leaders who haven't selected winning candidates in nearly 20 years and they are infuriated that this scumbag crist is their latest choice who is the worst choice of all candidates presented to them in the last 20 years. This most horrible crist has managed to offend nearly every Floridian over his much predicted campaign meltdown over the last 8 months including jews last week when he had his "running mate" use her non-Jewish alias. This is why democrat primary voters including this one have already decided they will vote for the nancy lady as their candidate.


Let's face it, this is like watching a steeplechase with Shetland ponies. It's the narcissist man-child vs. the robot with glitchy software. Really the only sane course of action is to move to another state.

Given the choice between bad and freaking horrible, I'd pick Scott over Crist. Not sure Florida can survive four more years of The Tan One.

Keith Stegath

I guess who wins the election depends on the media. The media can decide that they (along with the American people) are disgusted by unqualified candidates and our screwed-up political system.

I'm not talking about endorsing an unknown candidate (me), I'm talking about giving as many bits, bytes, and ink as the corporate candidates.

Does the media have a responsibility to help fix this mess? I think the media can help without showing favoritism - it's called reporting.

I'm a candidate for Governor.

Joe Blow

with strong D voter turnout Crist will undoubtedly win. In case you political geniuses didn't notice, that's how the black man in the WH got elected. Dick Scott REMAINS the turd in the punch bowl!

United Democrats

No matter what the so called Highly paid Republican says Scott can and will be beaten. It is not all about the $$$.

Education Advocate

Rick Scott won four years because the people did not really know who he was, he spent almost 100 million dollars convincing voters he was the right individual to be governor.

We have know the truth, he is a flip flopper who only helps the rich and has destroyed our public education system. We can't afford four more years of Rick Scott.

Charlie can win, but he not only needs money, but he needs to run a strong grassroots campaign. I have not see him do that yet, or do the out reach he needs in the hispanic and african american communities. This race is can be won, but Charlie needs to light a fire under his campaign team.

Bill Thompson

As the wise Joe Blow stated, don't drink the koolaid.

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