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SurveyUSA/NRDC poll: 71% of FL voters concerned about climate-change


Nearly eight in 10 likely Florida voters want limits on power-plants’ carbon pollution and as many as 71 percent say they’re concerned about climate change, according to a new poll conducted for an environmental group during the hotly contested governor’s race.

“The takeaway from this poll is simple: People think carbon pollution is a problem, and they think our political leaders should take action and fight pollution,” said Susan Glickman, a spokeswoman for the Natural Resources Defense Council, which chartered the 1,005-likely voter poll by SurveyUSA.

The survey’s timing has both a policy and political dynamic:

* It gauges voter sentiment on a range of environmental issues, including opinions about a draft U.S. Environmental Protection Agency rule limiting carbon emissions, which the poll says 59 percent strongly favor.

* It’s an election year in which Republican Gov. Rick Scott faces former Gov. Charlie Crist, a believer in man-made climate change due to carbon emissions. A separate SurveyUSA poll this week indicated Crist leads by as much as 5 percentage points, but a Quinnipiac University survey at the same time found the race essentially tied.

Scott, who once said he didn’t believe in anthropogenic climate change, now won’t comment on the matter, saying only that “I’m not a scientist.”

In response, a group of climate scientists asked to personally meet with Scott. After initially demurring, Scott said through spokespeople that he’d soon meet with the researchers himself. No date has been set.

Crist met with one of the climate scientists, FSU oceanography professor Jeff Chanton, at the Florida Press Center Friday in Tallahassee.

Scott’s campaign called it a “publicity stunt,” and Crist supporters say Scott is hiding from the issue.

The NRDC poll, however, doesn’t specifically address a core political controversy over climate change – whether voters believe it’s driven by man-made carbon emissions.

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Lynn Goldfarb

We know we have a problem. Let's talk carbon solutions. The Citizens Climate Lobby has one:

A carbon pollution fee paid by fossil fuels and returned, 100%, to every American in a monthly rebate check would let the market, not government create the transition to a clean-energy economy. Increase the fee annually and people would use their carbon rebate money to buy cheaper clean energy.

In British Columbia, this plan has dramatically reduced fossil duel use while their economy has continued to thrive. Most economists, including eight Nobel winners, support it.

The same carbon pollution fee on imports from countries like China would force them to cut their emissions to compete economically. This fee would also be rebated monthly, in it's entirely, to all Americans, making U.S. products more affordable for them.

A recent REMI economic study show this plan would create 2.8 million new jobs and add $75-80 billion annually to GDP. Most people would come out ahead on the monthly rebate plan, especially lower-income and middle-class Americans.

Highly paid Republican operative

The Boss does not believe in climate change or scientific theory.

So this issue is moot!

ed jenkins

The readers are extremely tired of this most horrible writer and his inability to fill their hometown paper with news so he resorts to reprinting opinion surveys.

The citizens have repeatedly said that other than a few elderly who complain that the temperature is too cold they can deal with changes in temperature by adding or subtracting layers of clothing and that their government was not intended to try to control the weather.

Can't take anymore

Isn't it ironic that at least 45% of that 70% will vote for Rick Scott despite his absolute and public denial of man made climate change. If a piss drunk baboon was the nominee of the Florida Republican Party for Governor it would be guaranteed over 40% from day one. Nothing like brand loyalty.

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