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Sweetwater mayor, commissioner dais squabble turns to convicted ex-mayor

By Rodolfo Roman

Sweetwater Mayor Jose Diaz and Commissioner Isolina Maroño clashed last week over the way the city is being run.

The trouble began when Diaz presented candidates for director positions in two departments. Maroño felt they weren’t qualified — and blamed herself for supporting Diaz to become mayor after the conviction of her son, former Mayor Manny Maroño, in a federal bribery case.

“We appointed him,” she said of Diaz. “It was an error on my end. I apologize; because of me he is there.

“I thought he had other qualifications. At this moment, he doesn’t care about the city. It’s his campaign since the second day he became mayor.”

Countered Diaz: “If anyone should shut their mouth when it comes to employing someone in regards to political campaigns it’s you and your entire family.”

Isolina Maroño said Diaz has discredited the city by calling the media to announce firing employees.

Diaz fired back: “The one who has discredit for the city is you and your son,” he said. “You didn’t know what to do as a mom to correct your son.”

Commissioner Manuel Duasso intervened to stop the quarrel.


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Clean Up this Mess

This woman is a embarrassment. The people of Sweetwater deserve better

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