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That IRS "investigation" tied to Annette Taddeo? Well, there really isn't one.

A governor’s race doesn’t seem to go by in Florida without Democrats ending up in a circular firing squad.

A disgruntled Nan Rich supporter was the unwitting bullet this time.

Angered with the way the Miami-Dade Democratic Executive Committee treated her, party member Barbara Walters secretly filed an obscure tax complaint with the IRS last October — and then she leaked the information recently to a conservative-website columnist dedicated to tearing down Crist.

The story targeted the county party’s leader, Annette Taddeo, just after Crist coincidentally chose her to be his running mate.

IRS Investigating a 537 Consulting-Related, Tax-Violations Complaint Against Annette Taddeo, read the Sunshine State News headline, which wondered why the mainstream news media wasn’t looking into the case.

For starters, the complaint about employee classification for tax purposes is without merit, experts say.

And the story’s headline is false.

There is no IRS “investigation,” federal law-enforcement sources confirmed to the Miami Herald. Also, the story drips with hyperbole, misleading innuendo and, in one case, a statement that Walters said is “totally inaccurate.”

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Ugh, of course this is why Democrats never win. We eat our own. These Nan Rich supporters are going too far.

The Weez

That's Rich.

ed jenkins

Democrat primary voters are disgusted that this scumbag crist has attempted to place this almost equally corrupt lady who goes by multiple aliases on their ballot with the help of party leaders. They are happy to see that some party leaders have stood up to the corruption among the rest of party leaders who have made a deal with the devil and decided to allow this scumbag crist on their ballot and give him party leader preferred status. Democrat primary voters have decided to support the nancy lady in spite of all of these efforts.

ed jenkins

The readers are horrified to find out that their hometown paper admits it did not print an article on this topic because the information was from a lady that was estranged from party leaders.

Voice of reason

Don't worry once the Primary is over all will be forgiven and all will be united!

Bill Thompson

This is another non-story being printed by the "news" media.

Bill Thompson

The Herald should stop writing a gossip column and stick to real news stories that are checked and verified before printing them.

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