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The ABCs of RPOF's Mostly False claim about preschool

On the campaign trail, Gov. Rick Scott has appeared in a charming video alongside his toddler grandson and a darling photo with Florida preschoolers. So we know he likes cute little kids.

But does he invest in them?

A new ad by the Republican Party of Florida portrays him as generously funding preschool education.

The Spanish-language ad "Dedicación" shows teachers warmly talking about their profession -- and Scott.

"I like being a special education teacher because many people don’t see the potential of those students," says one teacher. "It's a profession of great dedication," says another.

The teachers continue:

"With Rick Scott, there are more funds for preschool education and that’s very important to me. Florida students are better off due to Scott. They can repeat all the falsehoods they want, the facts don’t lie."

Under Scott, are there more funds for preschool education? We decided to do some homework


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Can't take anymore

It's pretty plain that the RPOF strategy is their same old song: keeping lobbing mostly untrue accusations at the Dem's in such numbers and so loudly that their veracity means little to most voters. They have the money to run the ads and smears and will go full throttle up thru 7:00 PM on election day. Beats having good ideas and smart governance if elected.

Highly paid Republican operative

Now you are finally getting what I have been saying for months!!!

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