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To woo Florida Keys voters, Carlos Curbelo brings out big gun: Ileana Ros-Lehtinen


Miami Republican congressional candidate Carlos Curbelo is getting a little help from a friend to campaign to Florida Keys voters.

A new television ad to begin airing this week features Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen -- the popular Miami Republican who represented the Keys for a decade before her seat was redrawn two years ago -- introducing her former constituents to Curbelo, a Miami-Dade School Board member whom she has endorsed. Curbelo is running to challenge Democrat Joe Garcia for the 26th congressional district, which extends from Kendall to Key West.

"He's an education innovator and a small businessman," Ros-Lehtinen says in the ad. "Carlos is part of the next generation who will work to protect our natural wonders, our fishermen and our economy."

It's Curbelo's third TV spot, timed to start the same week as absentee ballots are scheduled to be mailed to voters for the Aug. 26 primary. Rival Ed MacDougall, the Cutler Bay mayor, has also been airing ads. The other GOP hopefuls are former Miami-Dade Commissioner Joe Martinez and attorney Lorenzo Palomares-Starbuck.



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ed jenkins

The citizens will not look positively on anyone who associates with this most horrible lady who this democrat primary voter has not and will not ever vote for. While the citizens have long demanded that this most corrupt Garcia resign so that they can be represented by someone who looks out for their interests rather than someone using his position as bargaining power for the eventual indictment on illegal election activities that have already been admitted to.

Truth o meter

Joe Martinez is going to win this election.

Joe Blow

an education innovator? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
Curbello is a weasel and a GAMBLING LOBBYIST!
Do you really want a GAMBLING LOBBYIST for your next Congressman?

Ros Lehtinen is a DINOSAUR! She's so old and tired and hasn't accomplished a thing the past twenty years! Yet these stupid Cubans in SW Miami Dade keep re electing this old relic. Ileana's a hag. She should go back to Cuba, as she knows nothing but Fidel this and Fidel that! Hey lady this is the USA. No one really gives a F about Cuba and Fidel!

barbara harris

you should be running ros, she hasn't done one thing we sent her to do. ros has signed a Koch brothers agreement to not work with the president to get the people's business done.america is a democracy not a dictatorship.we don't answer to any one person.ros and everyone else in Washington are there to work to make our nation better not the Koch brother's richer.the only oath she should be following is the one she took when she got sworn in to represent the state of florida and the u.s.a.couldn't you do better than she?

Bill Thompson

The voters deserve better representation in Congress than this.

Virgilio Calvo

Many opinions, few facts.
Where is the knowledge, the experience, and the common sense of this people who write theirs comments just in the way of relieve their frustrations?
Or theirs evil intentions?
Lies, slander, manipulated truths were the weapons of the worst dictators and tyrants in the history of mankind.
Carlos Curbelo is the future, he has the preparation, knowledge and experience to bring our politics to actual levels

Bill Thompson

If Carlos Curbelo is the future, we are in big trouble. What specific preparation, knowledge and experience prepares him to be a U.S. Congressman? So far, he has been all politics as usual on the school board.

Disenfranchised Voter

To be clear, Carlos Curbelo has served on the school board for a partial term with an excellent Superintendent of Schools (who he had no part in hiring) who has done things that Mr. Curbelo, in no part, can take credit for with the exception of possibly nodding his head.

Mr. Curbelo did sponsor a resolution asking the state to adopt Common Core (Florida Standards), a program that neither the Republican Party of Florida or the Republican Executive Committee support.

Mr. Curbelo also threw the entire legislature under the bus for being pro-testing on last week, as he tweeted this “Higher Standards + More Rigorous Testing = Better Results for @MDCPS Students.” On July 11, 2014.

Mr. Curbelo is not an economic reformer unless you consider rubber-stamping the Miami Dade Public School System’s budget. He has little finance experience that I know of but a great deal of experience with lobbying and raising campaign contributions. True, there is money involved in these transactions, but I don’t believe that makes him an “economic reformer.”

Can I get a PolitiFact Truth-O-Meter on this one and then, in unison, an Amen.

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