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Wasserman Schultz claims about ACA, pizza and the states

PolitiFact recently fact-checked two claims by U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Weston, about the health care law. 

Wasserman Schultz said the Fourth Circuit Court in its ruling wrote, "If you ask for ham and pepperoni on your Pizza Hut pizza but then I actually go get your pizza from Domino’s, it’s implied if I bring back a pepperoni and ham pizza then that’s what you asked for."

This wasn’t the ruling of the entire three-member court, just one judge’s concurring opinion. And she did miss the distinction that the person ordering the pizza said in advance they wanted Pizza Hut, but would be "fine with a pizza from Domino’s."

We rate the statement Mostly True.

Wasserman Schultz said that there were "36 states where Republicans who were in charge refused to implement a state exchange." There are 36 states that use the federal exchange or state-federal partnerships instead of state-based marketplaces. But seven of those states are run by Democrats. And, some of the states with Republican governors, like New Mexico and Idaho, tried to institute a state exchange before opting for federally-facilitated marketplace. So while most of the 36 states had Republican governors, not all of them did.

We rate this statement Mostly False.

The fact-checks were written by Steve Contorno and Molly O'Connor.


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Citizen 21

DWS again shows that she is a useless piece of ----. I thought the people in her district wanted someone to represent their interests and work to create positive change. The "pit bull" (my apologies to pit bulls) only attacks anyone who is not a left winger. What positive contribution has she made in our community or our country. The only positive attribute that she has is that when we look at her we feel better about ourselves

Charles Oestereicher

These are really weak fact checks. If this is the best these guys had found the state of politics in Florida is fantastic. Shame on them...

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