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What Crist omits from his ad about Bright Futures cuts

Former Gov. Charlie Crist continued his attacks on Gov. Rick Scott’s education funding record in a TV ad set at St. Petersburg High School, Crist’s alma mater.

"This isn’t just a doorway to a school. It was my doorway as a public school kid to opportunity. And I want to make sure every child has that same chance for a better life," Crist says in the ad. "But Rick Scott's education cuts are closing that door on Florida's kids, spending almost $200 less per student than when I was governor and cutting Bright Futures scholarships in half."

Here we will fact-check whether Scott cut Bright Futures scholarships in half. Turn to PolitiFact Florida for our rating.


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ed jenkins

Democrat primary voters are disgusted by these horrible advertisements by a candidate that they have no intention of voting for and has been forced on them by party leaders who are the only ones to not realize this scumbag crist was a Trojan horse sent by republican leaders to destroy the democrat party.

Highly paid Republican operative

Yes our Trojan horse secretly sent in behind enemy lines to keep ed jenkins awake at night.


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