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Who will Crist select as his running mate?

The governor’s race is barreling forward, but one key aspect of Democrat Charlie Crist's campaign remains a mystery.

Who will be his No. 2?

If Crist wins the primary on Aug. 26 as is expected, he will have just nine days to designate a lieutenant governor as his running mate. That gives him less than two months to vet candidates and make his choice.

The lieutenant governor job in Florida comes with no official responsibilities, except to take the place of a governor who is incapacitated. Incumbent Gov. Rick Scott left the position open for eight months after former Lt. Governor Jennifer Carroll resigned in 2013.

But Crist’s pick could make a difference in the November election, even while most Floridians will vote the top of the ticket.

Observers say Crist, who held elected office as a Republican before changing parties last year, needs to choose a running mate who appeals to the Democratic base. If not, Florida may be headed for a repeat of the 2010 election, when low voter turnout in left-leaning South Florida derailed Democrat Alex Sink's bid to become governor.

"Charlie Crist's biggest concern is finding someone who is going to bring the Democratic faithful to the polls," University of Florida political science professor Daniel Smith said.

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ed jenkins

Democrat primary voters are disgusted that this scumbag crist has not had his party leader preferred status removed after the predicted campaign meltdown that occurred this year. They do not know why this hometown paper would wonder about a running mate for this horrible man since democrat primary voters including this one plan to vote for the nancy lady. It most likely that this scumbag crist will again switch to the independent party after losing this primary like he has in the past in which case he will need a running mate but that is no concern to democrat primary voters.

Dr. Jenkins


Charlie, Nan, or Mickey Mouse is far better than the criminal crony Rick Scott...

The Nancy Lady

Oh my goodness, am I on the ballot?

Highly paid Republican operative

I think Gelber would bring gravitus to the ticket.

Education Advocate

The key to winning this election for Crist is to turnout democratic and independent voters who don't normally vote in midterm elections. I think Charlie needs to pick a woman preferably hispanic ( Kathy would be a good choice) or afican american.

If he can get women, young people, hispanic (including Cubans) and african americans to turn out, this race is his.

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