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Will Joe 6-pack become Joe Dime Bag? Q-Poll finds pot legalization backed 55-41 in FL


A clear majority of Floridians, 55 percent, favor outright legalization of marijuana for personal recreational use, according to a new poll that indicates a medical cannabis initiative headed for the November ballot still looks as if it will easily pass.

Support for medical-marijuana use among adults is even more outsized: 88-10 percent, Quinnipiac University’s survey of 1,251 voters shows.

But that poll question, about marijuana use among adults, doesn’t directly relate to the proposed constitutional amendment voters will decide because that initiative allows prescription cannabis use by any qualifying patient, including children.

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ed jenkins

The citizens long ago decided that they do not want these dangerous illegal drugs in their family friendly state and the readers do not want lighthearted discussion of a topic they find so offensive in their hometown paper which could be read by children and families. Those attempting to infiltrate this state with these dangerous illegal drugs need to be prosecuted for the damage that they are attempting to do with drugs that are harmful to children and lead to worthless lives for adults.

Bill Thompson

The citizens agree that the scumbag Scott and the GOP leadership should be arrested and tried by the feds for passing laws enabling illegal drugs to be used in our family friendly state. These most horrible men are enabling our children to use these harmful, dangerous illegal drugs and need to be prosecuted for the damage that they are attempting to do.

Bill Thompson

The voters will decide this issue in November and if the polls are correct, the constitutional amendment will pass. end of discussion.

Bill Thompson

The voters expect that the ultra right wing GOP in Tallahassee will do everything it can to undermine the vote of the people, should this amendment pass in November, just as they have with the re-districting amendments that were passed 2 years ago.

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