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YouGov FL poll (internet): Rick Scott leads Charie Crist 48%-43%


A new New York Times/CBS YouGov poll of Florida voters shows Gov. Rick Scott edges Democrat Charlie Crist by about 5 percentage points -- a spread that mirrors the Republican's internal polling but conflicts with two recent public polls showing the challenger leading or tied.

There's one big difference between YouGov's and the other surveys -- it's an internet poll, a method of gauging public opinion that's relatively new. 

The other polls from Quinnipiac University (Crist up by 5; but 2 when Libertarian Adrian Wyllie is in the race), SurveyUSA (Crist by 6) and Fabrizio, Lee (Scott up by 5, or 4 with Wyllie in) were all conducted by telephone. Of them, SurveyUSA was the only pollster to use so-called 'robo-polling' (also known as IVR) instead of live callers. To supplement the loss of cellphone voters (essentially un-pollable by IVR), SurveyUSA uses a smart-phone-based internet questionairre.

The crosstabs of the YouGov survey are below



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ed jenkins

The readers are disgusted that this hometown "news"paper continues to employ article writers who do nothing but reprint opinion surveys which they do not consider news.

Michael Aller

What a shame. Tricky Ricky Scott can spend unlimited amounts of big Corporate money to lie to the sheeple in Florida and we are dumb enough to buy it. Slick Rick claim that 'he' created jobs in Florida while Crist lost jobs. The simple truth is that jobs were lost in the Bush Republican economic recession and that now Scott has benefitted from the Democrat economic recovery that he opposed and fought against.

Highly paid Republican operative

I told you that this race is over. The Boss does not lose especially with $100,000,000


"Highly paid Republican operative." Yeah, sure. LOL.


Rick Scott has done a great job. Lower debt. Improved bond rating. More jobs.
Is Christ running as an independent or democrat this election?

Highly paid Republican

Rick are you doubting my veracity?

You see if we keep throwing the line out there about more jobs; all the simpletons will fall for it.

That is why the Boss can not lose!

Bill Thompson

I'll be posting my poll results as soon as I finish typing them into my excel spreadsheet.

Bill Thompson

Timing is everything. The scumbag Scott had the good fortune to come into office when the economy was already starting to recover whereas Crist was in office when the Bush recession took place. If the scumbag Scott had been in office in 2007, his record would have been dismal. Timing is everything.

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