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Acquitted but still-suspended Miami Lakes mayor vows to go to court to be reinstated


The dueling mayors of Miami Lakes, battling over which man is truly in charge, tussled again Monday in sloppily disjointed press conferences that were at times off the mark, but intensely theatrical.

First up: Mayor Wayne Slaton. Standing before cameras and constituents at Town Hall, Slaton defiantly declared he is the mayor of Miami Lakes and that Florida’s governor agreed — and then incorrectly argued that a similar case in Miami four years ago wasn’t similar at all.

With Slaton done, Michael Pizzi, the still-suspended mayor, held court in a baking parking lot, telling the crowd he had reclaimed his seat the moment a jury found him not guilty of federal corruption charges. Then Pizzi marched to the back door of Town Hall — but the door was locked.

With a pack of reporters in tow, and one woman booing furiously from the sidewalk, the mayor-in-limbo made his way to the front entrance, where he asked receptionist Laura Munoz to contact the city clerk and manager. For 20 minutes, Pizzi entertained the crowd with stories, including one about how as a child he would sing himself a lullaby when he was stressed out.

When the two hours of tit-for-tat finally ended, little had changed.

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