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Andrews asks court to hold governor and attorney general in violation of state Sunshine laws

Tallahassee lawyer Steven R. Andrews expanded his public records complaints against Gov. Rick Scott and Attorney General Pam Bondi on Friday, asking the court to hold the state's top officers in violation of the state's public records laws and seeking relief and attorneys fees. 

Andrews, who successfully sued the governor and Cabinet for violating a contract he had to purchase the build that houses his office near the Florida Governor's Mansion, has engaged in a two-year battle to obtain public records as part of his legal battle.

He now alleges that the governor's office not only withheld documents but engaged in "actively concealing them" and "conspiring with others known and unknown, to conceal public records" from him as well as "dealying the production of public records to interfere with the Petitioner’s prosecution of Andrews v. Board of Trustees of the Internal Improvement Fund (“BOT”), Case No. 2012 CA 859." 

Lawyers for the governor and attorney general have repeatedly argued they have turned over all relevant documents and deny the allegations. 

Here's are his complaints.  Download EOG 2014.08.29 MOT FOR LEAVE TO AMD r (1)  Download 2014.AG 08.29 MOT FOR LEAVE TO FILE AMD PETr (1)


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ed jenkins

The citizens have no patience for unproductive member s of society who attempt to interfere with the work of others, especially this most horrible individual who is attempting to interfere with their governor's ability to perform his duties.

Christopher M. Kennard

I appreciate the more temperate remarks posted here by Mr. Jenkins, although we hold different points of view on this matter.

Public officials are elected to uphold the public's sacred trust we invest in elected public servants to perform their respective duties in public office.

We passed these "sunshine" laws many years ago, and they do need to be unquestionably observed in order that citizens know what politicians are doing in our name.

I, too, have had to file numerous sunshine complaints to compel public officials to obey our laws . . . otherwise, we will have dishonest people abusing the trust we placed within them.

I do not know the attorney who filed this case against the Florida Governor and Attorney General but I have to say I am pleased his actions have brought to light improper and possibly illegal activities engaged by these and other public officials.

Please go back and review the nature and context of this case, Mr. Jenkins, and you may change your mind.

Most of us do want honest, open public representatives in public office. I would not be surprised if you do as well, sir.


ed jenkins is not a person. It is a computer programmed to put out propaganda for Republicans. If it is a person, it is over paid and extremely ignorant. At least if it is a computer, it has an excuse for being so dim witted.


If Mr. Ed IS indeed a person and that is questionable, he would be wise to to take Mr. Kennard's advice. If 'ed jenkins'is a Repub computer program, I would suggest those responsible needs must re=program their computer since the machine has obviously been infected with a particularly virulent type of malware. come to think of it, perhaps BOTH are toxic..

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