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Another $11-mil for Rick Scott in July

From the Rick Scott campaign:

Today, the Rick Scott for Florida campaign, the Republican Party of Florida,  and Let’s Get To Work announced fundraising totals of nearly $11 million in the month of July.

Announcing the number, State Senator John Thrasher, Chairman of Rick Scott for Florida, said, “July was one of our strongest fundraising months yet and we are grateful for the support we continue to receive. With our advertising, our ground game and all operations of this campaign, we will continue to paint a clear and accurate picture for voters of Charlie Crist’s failed leadership versus Rick Scott’s success in turning Florida around.”


·         $5.85 million raised by Republican Party of Florida

·         $4.24 million raised by Let’s Get To Work

·         $826,000 raised by Rick Scott for Florida


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ed jenkins

The citizens appear to have already decided that this contest is over as they have given such a massive sum of money to this governor as a sign that they have been won over after initially doubting this political novice.

Voice of reason

If one considers the citizens to be big business, big sugar, and big pharmaceuticals then yes you are right!


Can an election be bought in Florida?

Bill Thompson

That hunting trip to Texas was a big success!

We have the best politicians money can buy.


I'll have to doublecheck my sources, but I believe I saw that a major funder of Let's Get to Work is the Annette Scott Trust Fund, so that's essentially self-funding dressed up to look like Scott has more popular support than he really has.

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