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At Florida International University, Miami-Dade lawmakers are graduation mainstays


No, that wasn’t an official meeting of the Miami-Dade legislative delegation at FIU earlier this month — it was just graduation ceremonies. But there certainly were a lot of lawmakers there.

Spread out over the first week of August were five FIU summer commencement ceremonies — with four of them featuring local lawmakers as the commencement speaker. Local state Sen. Anitere Flores was the first to deliver a speech, followed by state Rep. Jose Felix Diaz later that day, and state Reps. Jeanette Nuñez and Erik Fresen the following day.

These are the same lawmakers who make funding decisions regarding FIU every year. Asked if the university was trying to cozy up to lawmakers, FIU spokeswoman Madeline Baro said the legislators actually gave really good speeches, and “we have a great relationship with the Dade Delegation.”

Flores, who is both an FIU grad and previously worked for the university, told graduates that her mom was part of FIU’s first graduating class. She expressed hope that one of the graduates in attendance might discover the cure for cancer, or be the one “that figures out how for it to not to take an hour to get from Kendall to downtown.”