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Broward Democrats urge passage of medical pot

From the category of no surprises, last night the Broward’s Democratic Party officially voted in favor of the medical marijuana amendment on the November ballot.

The full body of the Democratic Executive Committee unanimously voted in favor of  Amendment 2, chairman Mitch Ceasar said. About 150 members were present.

The vote is symbolic, however it means that the county Democrats can now advocate for passage on palm cards they plan to distribute to about a half-million voters.

“Polling shows even Republicans, as well as Democrats and independents are overwhelming in favor this situation in florida,” Ceasar said. “Ask the typical registered Republican, they are in favor of the ‘vote yes’ [side in favor of medical pot] -- it's just power structure that’s not.”

The Florida Democratic Party passed a resolution in June in support of Amendment 2.

Statewide, polls indicate that about 70 percent of voters back the amendment -- it takes 60 percent to pass it. While support crosses party lines, it is strongest among Democrats -- lawyer John Morgan, who employs former Gov. Charlie Crist, is spearheading the effort to get the amendment to pass. Crist, who will be on the ballot the same time as the amendment, supports it while Gov. Rick Scott has said he personally opposes it.

The “Vote No” group is primarily funded by Republicans including casino magnate Sheldon Adelson. Earlier this month, amendment opponents gained the support of former Gov. Jeb Bush.



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ed jenkins

Democrat primary voters do not want these dangerous illegal drugs in their family friendly state. Their wishes are confirmed by the wasserman and Schultz people previously.

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