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Carlos Curbelo deploys the Jeb Bush bomb in CD26 primary


No other Republican polls as well in the Florida GOP as former Gov. Jeb Bush.

And Miami-Dade School Board Member Carlos Curbelo hopes that's equally true in the crowded GOP primary in Congressional District 26, which stretches from their shared home county to Key West. This week, Republican voters in the district should be receiving a Curbelo-paid mailer featuring Bush's likeness and endorsement of the "proven education reformer and a proponent of expanding economic freedom and cutting wasteful spending."

So what's in a mailer?

Perhaps a lot.

In the recent CD13 race in the St. Petersburg area, Bush's support for David Jolly might have helped the Republican beat Democrat Alex Sink, strategists say. They say that after they started featuring Bush on TV as well as in a mailer for absentee-ballot voters, Jolly's poll numbers started to tick up just enough. If so, it's a remarkable feat because that was a general election.

This mailer is for a primary of just Republican voters. And it's in their home county. And the bilingual Bush is well-known to Anglos as well as Hispanics, who comprise a majority of the voters in the district.

As with CD13, this flier arrives just as voters are returning their absentee ballots. The election is Aug. 26 to see who challenges incumbent Rep. Joe Garcia in November.

If establishment money and endorsements are an indicator, Curbelo's the frontrunner. But ya never know in a primary. And that's doubly true when you have a sneaky, well-known former congressman running but not running -- David Rivera.

None of this means Bush is beloved by all. He promotes the Common Core educational standards, which some conservatives have demonized. And, remarkably so, the Miami-Dade GOP last year took a stand against Common Core -- a slap at Bush who helped make the once-floundering party a powerhouse in a Democratic County.

Common Core, though, hasn't really been an issue in this congressional race. After all, Common Core was created and managed by the states. A federal conservative who opposes a states' rights issue has a measure of explaining to do.

Common Core hasn't appeared to hurt Bush's standing with Florida Republican voters. In a series of Florida polls, Quinnipiac University consistently finds he's most-liked by the GOP in a presidential match-up against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who nevertheless edges him.




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I am tired of establishment Republicans assuming they know what's best for me. I'd like to choose my own candidate. Whether that be Curbelo or someone else, this tinkering is not appreciated.

On Mr. Curbelo's political love affair with Jeb Bush, its all about the Common Core. I will just say this: my children suffered with the horrendous Whole Language experiment that reduced 3rd grade teachers to tears when their students couldn't read. We suffered through countless more iterations of the newest and best educational initiatives, each one coming with its own price tag. In the end, I always deferred to the pedagogical experts who truly cared about my children's educational gains.

I care deeply about education in our country and in our state. I'm saying this for my grandchildren and for the very preservation of the Republic, not for the sake of a political career. Jindal backed away. Utah just filed a lawsuit on July 31st. Many others are revolting. Back away from the Common Core, Mr. Curbelo. Hopefully Jeb will understand.

The Dude

Marc and Carlos, sitting in a tree.....


I am one Florida Republican who does not trust Jeb Bush. His interests in education are NOT altruistic. Jeb Bush is like most establishment Republicans, and that includes Rick Scott. He sees public resources as a source of personal income to be tapped for the private enrichment of Republican supporters. The "Common Core" is a scam to siphon more public resources into the hands of the wealthy and well-connected. The Common Core is NOT a research based approach to education. It is a corporate welfare plan. Anyone who supports Jeb Bush, and anyone Jeb Bush supports, will NOT get my vote.

Joe Blow

an endorsement from Jebby Bush is the kiss of death.
with Bush's education experiment house of cards collapsing and Jebby getting called out for his amnesty for illegals, he's not nearly as popular as he once was.
Curbello knows as much about education as I do about being a proctologist!
Garcia will beat him like a red headed step child!

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