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Charlie Crist meets with Miami Herald editorial board


Former Republican Gov. Charlie Crist said Wednesday he’s confident he can excite Democratic voters — though some are upset he won’t debate his primary opponent.

“I think they understand, frankly, what I’m up against and what the real challenge is here, and that the battle in November is monumental,” Crist told the Miami Herald’s editorial board in a wide-ranging interview.

When he faces Republican Gov. Rick Scott in the general election, Crist said, he won’t be worried that Democrats — particularly women — would spurn him for ignoring former state Sen. Nan Rich of Weston, who is also on the Aug. 26 primary ballot.

The Republican-turned-independent-turned Democrat said he’s the opposite of Scott when it comes to issues relating to women and working people in general.

Crist, saying he’s pro-life in attitude but pro-choice when it comes to abortion policy, supports allowing gay marriage, legalizing medical marijuana, promoting the federal healthcare law, increasing the minimum wage and establishing closer ties to Cuba.

Asked if he would veto any legislation restricting abortion rights, Crist responded quickly.

“Yes,” he said, noting that, in his last year as governor in 2010, he vetoed a bill requiring women seeking abortions to first get an ultrasound. Crist at the time was running unsuccessfully for U.S. Senate.

“People have asked me, ‘Charlie, if you win, what would you do differently from Rick Scott?’” Crist said. “Everything. Everything. I can’t imagine anything that I’d do the same.”

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Voice of reason

Give em hell Charlie!

ed jenkins

The readers are disgusted that this once unbiased hometown paper would not meet with nancy who the democrat primary voters have decided to vote for as their nominee. Democrat primary voters have grown increasingly disgusted that party leaders would attempt to overturn their wishes and nominate such a horrible man who has had the much predicted campaign meltdown over the nancy lady who is the only true democrat.

Keith Stegath

Voice, Voice, Voice. Charlie and Rick don't have the courage or knowledge and understanding to fix the every increasing piles of problem we have.

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