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Charlie Crist's lost summer


Charlie Crist lost the summer.

The Democrat started his campaign in the fall with a bang, a double-digit lead in some polls. That margin has whimpered into a tie with Gov. Rick Scott, a result of the Republican’s mammoth ad campaign ($20 million since spring!).

But Democrats are privately grumbling that Crist, too, bears some blame. His campaign is buzzless to many Democrats.



Were it not for Scott’s self-inflicted wounds and likeability problems, Crist would look doomed right now and Democrats would be in full-blown panic mode at the beginning of August.

Instead they’re just nervous. Just like Republicans are about Scott.

“There’s worry,” says a top South Florida Democratic fundraiser and Crist supporter. “There’s not much excitement right now with Charlie.”

Blame three major missteps:

Column here


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Voice of reason

Respectfully disagree with this analysis.

First Crist has weathered the storm against the Scott financial juggernaut. He has held his fire saving resources until after the primary. Most importantly he has raised enough money to be competitive against the $100,000,000 man.

Second,the primary has been fought below the radar. Unless Nan Rich produces a miracle on primary day a Crist victory will generate momentum and unite the Democrat party.

Third, Scott has enough warts to exploit and the debates will be significant unfiltered events.

A Charlie Suppporter

I support Charlie, but I do agree with this analysis. His campaign is lacking in a grass roots machine and has done very little outreach to the black and Cuban community.

I would hate to see a Democratic loss because we ran a bad campaign. Please Charlie shake up your campaign team you are clearly listening to the wrong people. You can beat Rick Scott but you have to shape up your campaing to do it. We can't take four more years of Rick Scott.

ed jenkins

Democrat primary voters warned of the inevitable campaign implosion of this scumbag crist and they pointed out the unfolding disaster to ignorant party leaders each step of the way over this year yet they were still ignored by party leaders who have either been corrupted by this most horrible man or are so removed from reality that they are the only ones in this state that have not noticed. It is obvious to democrat primary voters including this one by now that this most horrible man was sent as a Trojan horse by republican party leaders who knew he would destroy the democrat party and democrat primary voters ask once again for him to be removed from their ballots, have his party leader preferred status removed and in the one true democrat nancy lady is not to be endorsed by them then to find an upstanding candidate.

Voice of reason

Charlie supporter stay optimistic.

Yesterday Crist got the endorsement of the Tampa Bay Times and today the Palm Beach Post reported Democrats are embracing him.

22 days until the Democrats unite!

Nathan Kimbleton

Voice of Reason....I respectfully disagree with you. Charlie Crist hasn't "weathered" anything yet. As a matter of fact, its going to get worse. This is the softball stuff. Who cut education, who raised property taxes blah blah. Just enough to make people questions slick Charlie's record but nothing we haven't seen in any other campaign. As soon as he wins the primary, then comes the heavy artillary. I am talking adds entitled "The most conservative man in the race" with Crist bragging to Hannity that he has a FAR more conservative record than Rubio, three weeks before dropping out of the race and embracing the left wing. I am talking adds called "The most qualified VP" where he pours the love on Sarah Palin. I am talking adds entitled "the Exodus" showing 600,000 Floridians out of work and the largest exodus of Florida in history. That is before we get to his RECORD! Trust me, by the time this is over, conservatives will think he is a carpetbagger and liberals and moderates will think he is a straight out liar.

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