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Crist boards school bus to tout his education record, bash Scott's

Traveling on a yellow school bus, Democratic candidate for governor Charlie Crist toured the state last week to tell Floridians that public schools would fare better under his watch than that of Gov. Rick Scott.

Along the way, Crist battled the weather, competed with Scott supporters at several campaign stops and repeated his attacks on Scott’s education budgets.

"The notion that Rick Scott would get into office and cut education by $1.3 billion is unfathomable," Crist told teachers and fellow Democrats at a park in Tampa, a message he trumpeted often on his three-day trip.

In neither Tampa, Tallahassee nor Miami did Crist unveil any specific education blueprint, aside from a promise to increase funding.

His mission, however, was clear: Drum up media attention in the state’s top markets and remind voters of his commitment to public schools.

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ed jenkins

The citizens are horrified that this scumbag crist who knows nothing about children would attempt to tell this family friendly state that he knows what is best with them while commandeering much needed school buses for his own purposes.

Voice of reason

Not mush to say after reading ed's post.

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