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Crist talks education spending in Jacksonville

Democratic candidate for governor Charlie Crist and his team are in Lake Buena Vista this morning, preparing for the second day of their statewide bus tour.

The theme: education spending.

The (fitting) mode of transportation: a yellow school bus.

Crist has been hammering incumbent Republican Gov. Rick Scott for cutting $1.3 billion from the state education budget during his first year in office. Crist has also been pressing to make education the focus of the 2014 gubernatorial race.

The tour kicked off in Tallahassee on Wednesday, and after nearly stalling on the side of the road in torrential rains, made a second stop in Jacksonville.

About three dozen Crist supporters attended, including Duval County middle-school teacher Simia Richardson.

"What I want to do is support someone who will restore the cuts here in education," she said.

Ready to make the counterpart: state Sen. John Thrasher, a St. Augustine Republican and chairman of Scott's re-election campaign.

"We ought to be restoring the truth because he's not leveling with the people of Florida," said Thrasher, who was joined by the Republican Party of Florida's Susan Hepworth. "Gov. Scott and the Republican legislature have put over $2 billion back into education."

The next stop: a Total Wine in Jacksonville, where a dozen supporters had set up a phone bank.

The volunteers were more than a little surprised to see Crist.

"You are the answer to my prayers," said Marie Fitzsimmons, a retired substitute teacher.

Fitzsimmons then took Crist's wife Carole by both hands. "You are the luckiest woman in the world," she said.

"I know," Carole Crist replied.

The bus departed for Orlando later in the evening. Events are scheduled Thursday in Orlando and Tampa.

You'll find some scenes from the road below.






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ed jenkins

Democrat primary voters are disgusted to see this non-stop coverage of this scumbag crist who they have already decided to vote against and no coverage of the nancy lady who they are voting for.

Voice of reason

In 12 days and there really will be no more coverage of the nancy lady.

However in 12 days Democrats will stand united to make the State Scott free!

Keith Stegath

Voice, Voice, Voice. Why are you going to waste your vote on any of the corporate candidates?

Chuck's campaign slogan: Vote for Me. I'm not Rick Scott.
Rick's campaign slogan: Vote for Me. I'm not Charlie Crist.

On Nov. 5, will all you corporate voters be cheering that your guy got in, or giving a sigh of relief that the other guy didn't?

That is a wasted vote!

Write-in Keith Stegath. www.fla-gov.org

Voice of reason

Keith I applaud your fight but the definition of a wasted vote is in your mirror.

Most important item on the agenda is to make the state Scott free.

Keith Stegath

Voice, What has happened to our nation? Have We the People become so downtrodden that we can't remember or imagine voting for someone we want rather than voting against someone we don't?

Until We the People toss aside our sense of victimization and regain our courage, until we once again start voting for who we want, our nation will continue its decline.

This is an opportunity to make a difference. It would be shameful to toss aside the lives of courageous people who died, and continue to die, for your right to vote for who you want.


Voice of reason

You fundamentally misperceive. I will be voting for someone who I want to vote and in the process helping to make the state Scott Free.

What could be more fulfilling and democratic then that?

Keith Stegath

Voice, Sorry. I didn't think anybody actually "Wanted" to vote for Scott or Crist.


Actually Keith, there's tons of people who will not be holding their noses while voting for Crist, including lots of them who voted for him the first time when he had an R by his name.

And as for people wanting to vote for Scott? Sadly I think there are plenty who will be voting for him for exactly (what is IMO) the same stupid reason - he has an R by his name.

Those are the people you need to get to vote for you. But they never will, unless you espouse a more Tea Party type philosophy (which I'm guessing, to your credit, you will not).

But be that as it may, the truth of the situation is that votes for you and/or Adrian Wyllie are predominantly going to come off folks who otherwise would have voted for the D candidate, leaving the R candidate with the majority of votes cast, (say, 44.6%) and resulting in Rick Scott being re-elected. By a minority of Floridians ('cause 55.4% of the voters water Someone Other Than Rick Scott, but they still got ... Rick Scott).

I don't like that possible reality anymore than you do.

While I admire you for taking on the challenge of running, this is a lousy year to do it. Set your sights to 2018; make plans to really hone your campaign, solidify your bona fides, make fundraising connections.

Or maybe consider running for the legislature, instead of the Top Position. God knows we need more independent thinkers in the FL house and Senate!

Keith Stegath

MarvinM - I'll make a deal with you. If you keep up to date with my website (including: Sharing, Liking, and promoting) and if on Nov. 1, my poll numbers are nothing more than a blip, then I won't deride your vote for Crist. However, if I am much more than a blip, you must keep open the possibility that you will vote for me.


(This deal goes for all Crist'ies and Scott'ies.)

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