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Crist's Mostly False attack on Scott about raising taxes

Sorting through this year’s gubernatorial campaign attacks has long since become taxing -- namely, who raised taxes and how much they’ve cost voters.

The latest charge from Democratic challenger Charlie Crist comes from a campaign ad released July 31, 2014. In it, he attacked Republican incumbent Gov. Rick Scott’s budget decisions. "Rick Scott raised property taxes," the ad said. A narrator doubles down on the claim, saying Scott raised "your" property taxes.

Scott came into office promising to cut property taxes, so PolitiFact Florida thought this claim deserved an audit. Did Rick Scott raise Florida’s property taxes? PolitiFact Florida budgeted some time to sort this one out and rated it Mostly False

This fact-check was written by Joshua Gillin.


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ed jenkins

Democrat primary voters including this one wonder how much longer party leaders will allow this disaster to go on before removing party leader preferred status and abandoning this scumbag crist. The embarrassments continue each day and democrat primary voters who have long figured out that this most horrible man was sent as a Trojan horse by republicans to destroy the democrat party cannot believe that their party leaders have not figured this out yet.

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