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Dem ad hits Rick Scott on economy


The Democrats have a new web ad that takes aim at Gov. Rick Scott's main campaign argument - that's he's a jobs governor. The reality, claims the spot, is not nearly so sunny.



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ed jenkins

The citizens who initially doubted this scott as a political novice have been won over by his exemplary fiscal stewardship and are pleased with how he turned a disastrous situation that he was left with by the scumbag crist into a situation where he was actually able to return confiscated funds to taxpayers that were unneeded. The citizens know that the only thing a political leader can do to help an economy is to promote a business friendly environment with low regulatory costs and taxes and that is exactly what they have received from this scott. The benefits of these policies eventually flow through with higher employment and prosperity which the citizens are now seeing after years of decline under the scumbag crist who was no friend of free markets.

Seth Platt

FAIL YouTube Video Embed Post Adam.
FAIL blog comment ed.
Rick Scott gets a FAIL also.

Voice of reason

Give em hell Charlie!

Bill Thompson

Recently, a TV business news network released a study of America's top states to do business in. Florida ranked a mediocre 20th overall. Florida ranked 37th in cost of doing business in the state, 27th in infrastructure, 28th in quality of life, 35th in business friendliness, 38th in education and 31st in cost of living.

The scumbag Scott and other big talkers better get to work if they want Florida to do better than a mediocre 20th.

Fred Jenkins

Mr. Jenkins is sorely mistaken as he expounds the fiscal stewardship of the current regime. The state budget is roughly 25% larger than when RS took office, please show me the Floridians who are getting 25% more value from the state government.

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