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Facing fire from Steyer, Rick Scott says he's ready amid 'Florida Beautiful' tour

Gov. Rick Scott gave a one-word response when asked Tuesday if he was worried that billionaire climate-change activist Tom Steyer is targeting him.

“No,” Scott, a multi-millionaire who isn’t shy about spending his own fortune, smiled during a Miami campaign stop.

“No,” he repeated.

But Scott is still taking precautions.

Just as the Miami Herald reported Sunday on Steyer’s plans — including Democratic buzz that he might spend $10 million in Florida — Scott’s campaign announced his “Let’s Keep Florida Beautiful Tour” highlighting his environmental record.

At the same time, Democrat Charlie Crist was in Fort Lauderdale unveiling his “Fair Shot Florida” plan that, he said, was geared toward the middle class and students.

The two candidates traded shots at each other through the press and their campaigns. Scott said Crist, a Republican-turned-independent-turned-Democrat, is a poll-driven candidate who will say anything to win. And Crist and his surrogates bashed Scott for not doing enough to help struggling workers.

Steyer’s group, NextGen Climate, also chimed in by email, calling Scott “governor sweet tooth” over recent Herald/Times stories concerning the governor’s decision to join other lawmakers on a secret hunting trip to Texas with sugar-industry officials, who last year sought and received a break on Everglades clean-up costs.

Steyer told the Herald Sunday that the choice between Crist and Scott is stark when it comes to climate change: Scott has doubted the science behind man-made climate change while Crist, as governor from 2007-2011, passed a bill designed to limit carbon emissions.

“We have one of the people running who passed the cap-and-trade bill. The other got rid of the cap-and-trade bill,” Steyer said. “This is a state that really matters because it’s a very important state in terms of population and in terms of where it’s located and what goes on here.”

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"Scott’s campaign announced his 'Let’s Keep Florida Beautiful Tour' highlighting his environmental record."

I guess Rick Scott thinks we're all stupid and won't notice that he didn't care a fig for the environment until three and a half years of the way through his term - and that we won't notice the announcement of his "Let's Keep Florida Beautiful" tour corresponds to when he noticed some environmentalist with bucks was really going to use those bucks against him.

But he did more or less the same thing with education funding - slashed it, then in the year of his re-election campaign, touted how he 'added' the $1 billion or whatever it was to education.

Scott originally said he was for a 'papers please'-type law in FL, But in his re-election year he passed a law allowing illegals immigrants under certain circumstances to be able to pay in-state tuition at FL colleges and universities.

Rick Scott's "election year personality change" is not fooling me but he must think it's going to fool a lot of people or he would not have done it.

Seems to me that Rick Scott thinks we're all stupid rubes who will fall for his 9th inning issue changes, the promise of a whole whopping $25/year back in car tags fees, and that we'll just mindlessly believe all his TV ads, when claims he's already made several times in ads have been shown to be gross over-exaggerations if not outright lies (such as his economic gains - the numbers are correct, but it can't be demonstrably shown that Scott's actions or policies are what were responsible for those gains. FL economic growth has gone as expected from before Scott became governor).

Are we really that numb in the brain? Can we really be so puppet-mastered that we will vote for the guy who spends the most money trashing their opponent, without critically thinking about whether those ads are actually telling the truth or not?

If the answer to that question is 'yes', then that's a big problem. And if 'yes', we need to fight it for our own sake, and do the work it takes, to research things enough to know we are actually making our own choices for our own real reasons, not just mindlessly buying what someone is trying to sell us.

Keith Stegath

MarvinM - the Corporate Candidate's are counting on mindless buying. The fears mongers chant that anything but a "big two" vote is a wasted vote.

Are you suffering from dry-heaves when you hear the word "Scott" from your television, only to discover it's a commercial for toilet paper? (Wait,... is that the same thing?)

Are you going to perpetuate our decline with a vote for Chuck because Florida's current brand of toilet paper is too abrasive?

Courageous people take chances. If you're courageous, you'll tell your friends to look at the bottom of November's "Governor" ballot where there's a place you can write-in a name. I suggest you and your friends (and their friends) write Keith Stegath.


Voice of reason

Keith you a fighter but getting rid of Scott is the priority for rational thinking Floridians.

ed jenkins

The citizens never intended for their governor to be involved in these activities as they are not one of the roles of government. Charities are established to pick up litter and similar matters.


ed jenkins - I really wish you would crawl back under your bridge. Trolls should know their place.

Keith Stegath

Voice - The powers-that-be count on most people voting for Scott or Crist because the people don't want the other guy.

Is that the Voice of Reason or Voice of Defeat? Talk about a wasted vote!

This country has a shitload of problems, and while I prefer Crist, he doesn't have the courage or knowledge and understanding to do what's needed.

Voice, what if you started a pyramid scheme convincing your buddies to spread the word not waste their vote on Chuck or Rick?

It's going to take more than changing brands of toilet paper to fix this mess.

So Voice of Reason, are you going to waste your vote or write the name Keith Stegath?


Bill Thompson

The desperate Scott continues to pretend to be a mainstream moderate in order to try to win re-election. This most horrible man will do and say just about anything, flip-flopping on practically every issue. The voters know the real Scott of the first 3 years of his term and know that he will revert to that if he is re-elected.

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