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Fact-checking Charlie Crist's private jet ride

Gov. Rick Scott’s campaign has focused on painting the Republican incumbent as a friend of the environment, which means attempting to show Democratic challenger Charlie Crist isn’t.

A Republican Party of Florida commercial released Aug. 7, 2014, lambasts Crist for taking a supporter’s personal aircraft to a press event.

"On his way to an event about -- get this -- green issues, Crist cruised in on a private jet," the narrator says. "That’s rich. What’s richer? The jet belongs to a serial polluter with a history of environmental violations fined nearly $2 million for polluting water."

That certainly sounded like fodder for headlines, but was it true? PolitiFact Florida attempted to pull the permits on this one and find out what happened.

This fact-check was written by Joshua Gillin.


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Keith Stegath

Wake up!
We are witnessing 30 years of male prostitutes / politicians breeding among themselves.

If either of these screw-ups get elected, Florida deserves its sorry reputation. I sure won't be trying to fix this mess again.


Um, Keith, I'm wondering where this 'male prostitutes' thing came from, and what it means. From this alone, I would hesitate to vote for you.

And yes, as I said in an earlier buried post, you would probably have more luck and more influence running or the FL legislature than for governor.

I look forward to seeing your name in future races.

But, if you had to choose between Rick Scott and Charlie Crist for governor, who would you vote for? And why?

Yeah, I understand you dislike them both, but, if you had no other choice, who would you vote for and why?

It's the "and why" part that is the most important.

I use this type of intellectual exercise with my students all the time - and it yields amazing results. They discover who they are and what they really believe in when forced to choose between things they would rather not have to actually choose between.

Surely I can ask you if you'd rather have Scott or Crist as our governor for the next four years, if that were your only choice. I am perfectly prepared to answer that same question and to give my reasons for my answer.

And I don't disagree with you on principal that having other choices than establishment candidates might not be a healthy thing, but I think the best place to make that change is from bottom up, not top down.

Run for a FL senate or House seat, as soon as possible.

Run for the legislature; Run, Keith, Run!

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