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False ad by RPOF pins blame on Crist for Duke fiasco

Failed nuclear projects by utility provider Duke Energy have suddenly electrified both sides of this year’s gubernatorial campaign.

After environmentalist PAC NextGen Climateran an ad accusing Gov. Rick Scott of not doing anything to stop the North Carolina company from fleecing consumers, the Republican Party of Florida responded withits own commercial pointing fingers at former Gov. Charlie Crist.

"Crist made it easier for Duke to take your money," the narrator of the Aug. 12, 2014, ad says. "Crist signed a law helping Duke get billions, while Rick Scott put a stop to the Crist giveaway."

PolitiFact Florida already reviewed whether Scott allowed Duke to take ratepayers’ money; we found the claim Half True largely because Scott didn’t say much of anything about the issue. But did Crist have anything to do with the company taking money for doomed nuclear power plant plans? We’ll check this bill line by line. Turn to PolitiFact Florida for our fact-check.

This fact-check was written by Joshua Gillin.


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Bill McCollum

False ads are what they are good at.

Look what happened to me.


I don't always agree with what Politifact rules, but when I don't I can at least articulate a reason why and it always has to do with their interpretation of something, not specifically an actual element of fact.

Deal with it, RPOF and Republicans, Crist did nothing more than re-pass a Jeb Bush bill. And if you had any problem with it, you would have screamed and yelled to the heavens to have Crist not pass it, but mysteriously you didn't.

In fact, if you are going to not vote for Crist because he passed bills (fill in X, Y, or Z), guess what? X Y and Z were most likely drafted and passed by a Republican-dominated legislature! Don't wanna vote for Crist because of 'his record' as governor? Then you also have to vote against the FL legislators in power at the same time who sent those bills to his desk, who would be the Republicans.

"The Republican Party of Florida said, "Crist made it easier for Duke to take your money."

The accusation is about a 2008 amendment to a law that allowed electric providers to charge an advance fee to customers to build or upgrade facilities. The change Crist signed added the planning of transmission lines to the list of approved uses to the fee.

"There are two big problems with the attack: Jeb Bush signed the original 2006 law, not Crist; and it doesn’t appear Duke Energy ever collected advance fee money to plan transmission lines from its two nuclear projects. Crystal River was an existing plant that didn’t need more, and the Levy County project never made it far enough to consider power lines. If anything, Scott is the one who has allowed a utility company to potentially profit off the change Crist allowed.

We rate the statement False."

Scott is lying, lying, lying. He's the one polluting our state and doing nothing to help. He's the one taking dollars from education and creating more corporate tax welfare. He places people from polluting industries on boards that are supposed to protect our environment who do nothing and thereby decimate the entities such as DEP that can and used to enforce pollution regulation

If what you want is more Red Tide in the Gulf Coast, more sink hole damage your insurance won't cover, and higher electricity prices, Rick Scott is your guy.

And were supposed to think C. Crist taking one ride on one guy's airplane is a big environmental deal. That's so lame RPOF.


The Republicans have been in power for over a decade. Everything that is wrong with this state, like Duke Energy, is a result of the Republican's policies, which are terrible. Charlie Crist was smart enough to walk away from the Republicans. The Republicans should get smart and walk away from themselves.

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