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Fender bender holds up Crist bus tour

The yellow school bus carrying Democratic candidate for governor Charlie Crist was about to leave Orlando on Thursday -- and then it got clipped by a gray Dodge.

Nobody was injured.

The driver of the Dodge had to leave, but gave the bus driver her business card. 

The campaign team, meanwhile, stuck around and waited for the Florida Highway Patrol to arrive.

When the driver of the Dodge came back about 90 minutes later, Crist and his running mate, former Miami-Dade Democratic Party chairwoman Annette Taddeo, went outside to meet her. Crist gave her a hug.

"I didn't know [Crist] was on the bus," said Tina Pun, a business development manager from Orlando, adding that she was mortified. "When I saw him, my face turned bright red."

Pun said she planned to vote for Crist before the accident -- and still would.

The damage to the bus was minimal. The Dodge lost a side-view mirror and will likely need a trip to the auto body shop.

The Crist bus took off for Tampa around 3:30 p.m.


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Voice of reason

No Pun intended!


Leave it to a Crist supporter to leave the scene of an accident.


It is akin to Crist leaving the scene of the mess he left last time he was governor...

no pun intended


Gosh Hmmmm....

I can only imagine what you must think of Sarah Palin and Eric Cantor, since Crist didn't 'leave' the scene of the accident nor his office pre-end-of-term. Is there a rule that says sitting governors have to run for a second term? No.

Personally, I think more people like moderate Crist in the US Senate and/or House of Representatives would have helped clean up more messes faster all over this wonderful country.

OK, I get it: You don't like Crist. Who do you like?

Start by asking yourself this: If in 2010 Marco Rubio had run for FL Governor and Charlie Crist had run for US Senate as the (lone) Republican candidate, would you have voted for Crist? Or Kendrick Meek? Or Other?

If Marco Rubio had been the Republican primary candidate for FL gov. against Rick Scott in 2010, would you have voted for Rubio or Scott? And why?

I am nothing if not curious, but mostly I can't stay silent when you hurl two unfounded insults. Crist did not leave the scene, and to try to blanketly characterize Crist supporters as people who would 'leave the scene of an accident' is unfounded, ridiculous, spurious, and lots of other words that end in -ous.

You've written posts that have given me something to think about in the past, but these two were just childish name calling. I hope you abandon this tack and go back to a more intellectual Hmmmm.... (starting by maybe answering my questions above?)


MarvinM - You are right, there is nothing that says a politician has to run for re-election, however, I don't believe there is one that ALWAYS leaves to run for another office like Crist after one term...

And just like Pun came back to the scene of the accident, Crist is trying to come back to the scene of the wreck he left. Note that I am not laying all the blame on Crist, but if you have followed Crist through his entire political career, you would know that all the criticism of him not having convictions or being vested in the current political office he holds is true.

Hypothetical situations - wow... lets deal with reality. If I were a Democrat and had the choice they have, Nan would get my support in the primary.

I respect Nan Rich for having conviction, but oppose most of her positions... just as I would expect you to oppose someone who has opposite views from you. However, there comes a point when knowing where a politician stands on an issue is better than not. Nan would probably have a much better time getting consensus from a Republican controlled legislature than Crist ever could... if Crist wins, there won't be much trust and a lot of effort will be expended making sure he can't do a 180 after a vote is made.

All that said, I suspect Democrats will vote for Charlie because I am sure they believe even having a corpse who couldn't accomplish anything in the governor's mansion with a (D) next to their name gets them something.

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