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First Lady Ann Scott enters campaign fray


There's a fresh face on the campaign trail in Florida’s bare-knuckle gubernatorial contest: First Lady Ann Scott.

Scott has spent the summer crisscrossing the state, a photographer in tow. On some days, she reads to children or visits new mothers in the hospital. On others, she makes the hard sell for her husband’s reelection over afternoon tea.

She is quick to point out that only some of the events are associated with her husband’s campaign. She distributes books to kids, for example, as part of a first-lady initiative known as the Summer Literacy Adventure.

Still, with each stop, she is helping shape Republican Gov. Rick Scott’s image with an important group of voters: women.

He could use the assist. A Quinnipiac poll last month put Rick Scott 15 points behind Democratic front-runner Charlie Crist among female voters.

"Scott is in trouble when it comes to the female vote," said Mirya Holman, a professor at Florida Atlantic University who studies gender and politics.

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I had the pleasure of meeting and spending time with First Lady Ann Scott at one of those afternoon teas. She is very warm and personable with a down to earth demeanor. Her approach is non partisan and relates in a very personal way her humble early years with her husband. She is someone who women can admire and respect as their first lady, unlike the one in the current White House.


As "warm a and personable " Ann Scott may be, SHE is not running for governor. Her early years with the governor and their marriage has absolutely no bearing on Scott's qualifications for the office he bought.
Whether the voters in this State respect and/ or admire Ann Scott is of no consequence; I admire and respect many people; such admiration and respect, however, does not automatically extend to voting them into office- they are the mouthpieces for their spouse and earnestly extoll his/her virtues... Ann Scott can kiss babies, visit new mothers, and anything else she believes will help her husband with the female vote, but the women of Florida know all too well the platform upon which Scott and the Republican Party stand. The teabaggers have hijacked the Republicans and whereas their verbiage may have changed, their stances on women's rights have not. They are the anti-woman party and Florida women are by no means ignorant of that fact.
I surmise that Miamimom must not be an admirer of the First Lady of the United States; is this due to HER actions or simply because you dislike the policies of the President? Like Ann Scott, Michelle Obama is NOT President. I, however, as do a great many others-both national an international-DO admire and respect her for her own accomplishments and drive-not merely as a measure of those of her husband's.
If Mrs. Scott does indeed, actually speak to and answer questions from those in the media and 'regular people', she deserves a kudos for that, at least. Her husband has a habit of NEVER answering any questions posed to him by anyone on the subjects concerning the governing of this State. I certainly do NOT respect or admire Rick Scott. His policies have made a laughingstock of the State- so much so that the DoJ is now planning to take a look-see at the laws Scott enacted after buying the office-most of which were deemed unconstitutional. But then, Scott attempted, with a great deal of assistance from the Republican Legislature, to suppress the vote-not only by gerrymandering districts in the State, but by restricting hours and polling venues. These are, while only a few of Scott's actions,indicative of his 'governing' style. He feels answerable to none.
As Rick's mother stated in one of his commercials, "He's a GOOD boy!". Well, he MAY have been "a good boy", but he's been a travesty of a governor and by his actions, has opened up the State of Florida to, among other actions, well-deserved charges of corporate cronyism, corruption, and voter suppression laws.
Perhaps the male member in the Scott household should leave the political stage in Florida and decamp elsewhere to take tea with others of his ilk. I'm certain that Texas-with the Bush clan in residence, would welcome him. Florida does not need another 4 years of a Scott reign. No one except the wealthy can afford his policies. Even though his spouse may be, and by all accounts, is, a respected and personable wife, she is not the candidate running for reelection.

Bill Thompson

well said, palmettoexile.

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