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Florida Democrats have a Florida Democrats problem

Look in the mirror, Democrats.

You’re the reason Charlie Crist could easily lose against Republican Gov. Rick Scott.

If that happens, don’t blame Crist. Don’t blame Scott and his millions. Don’t blame voter suppression.

In midterm after midterm after midterm after midterm, Democrats have done an extraordinary job of suppressing (more like repressing, in a psychoanalytic sense) their own vote. Florida Democrats excel at being mediocre stewards of democracy when there’s a governor’s race.

That’s doubly true if you’re a South Florida Democrat.

Look no further than the Tuesday primary.

Fewer than 840,000 of nearly 4.6 million registered Democrats cast their ballots in the primary — an 18.2 percent turnout — in which Crist beat longtime Democrat Nan Rich by a whopping 48.7 percentage points.

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Caputo is reading reality wrong. The average Democrat didn't feel the need to vote with very, very few democratic party primary elections as opposed to the Republican party which is full of Tea Party infighting.
The fast and far right movement of the Republicans will make this year's elections more difficult to win in areas that are considered toss-ups.
Independent voters had few reasons to vote in our closed primaries and less than 4 percent of them voted in the Primary.
When the November election rolls around these Independents will have their say and its highly likely the Independents voting in 2014 are not the same Independents who voted in 2010.
This means the Floridians voting in 2014 will be the ones who comprise the Republican and Democratic base plus the Independents who have experienced Rick Scott for 4 year. I doubt they overwhelmingly approve of him and with the medical marijuana amendment as well as an important environmental amendment Republicans will yield the Governor's Mansion and a few more Fl house seats and maybe another Fl Senate seat on the west coast.
Political writers please do some better analysis.

Jerry Green

I absolutely agree with the above analysis. Write about something else-there was nothing at stake in the Crist v. Nan race, so few Dem voters came out. Give it a rest...be more creative, come up with a new angle, something!


I can't be the only one who thinks the poor democratic primary turnout was because most saw Crist as the de facto nominee so felt they did not need to vote. I'm not saying it's right, I'm just saying it may well be what happened.

In a previous incarnation, that was me, sitting out a primary or midterm election where I "thought" I had no skin in the game.

Well, I came to really understand, there is always "skin in the game". Local, country and state elections are just as, if not more important than, federal elections.

So while I might not agree with Marc Caputo's analysis, I don't disagree that it's vital everyone registered either vote absentee or get out to vote.

This year it's important everyone do a little something extra to help people vote who might not otherwise. Just pop in to a candidate's local HQ and/or be a poll worker or poll watcher, or mount your own Get Out The Vote initiatives at your grassroots level - even if it is simply reminding people, encouraging people.

And please, do not decide to not bother to vote because:

a) you read/saw/heard a poll showing Crist is ahead.
b) you read/saw/heard a poll showing Scott is ahead.
c) you read/saw/heard an ad that said Scott passed medical marijuana so you don't need to vote for Amendment 2.

Beware of anyone who tells you you should not bother to, or do not "need" to vote, for whatever reason.

Voice of reason

Democrats, Independents, and Moderate Republicans will stand united behind Crist!


Democrats will get out the vote in November, and I, a consistent Republican voter until 2010, will help them defeat Rick Scott.

Robert B. Winn

As an independent voter, the issue to me is always ballot access for independent voters. Republicans are easy to figure out. They do not want independent voters voting in their primary election. They are easy to answer. Pay for your own primary elections and no independent voters will be wanting to vote in your primaries. Otherwise, you are just a copy of European socialists trying to have a party that is supported by public revenues.
The key to the relationship between the Democratic Party and independent voters is a Supreme Court case from 1803 called Marbury v. Madison. This was the court case that gave the Republican-Democrat Party control of the federal judiciary and enabled them to impose slavery upon the United States for the next sixty years. Today they use that same control of the federal court system to keep independent voters from being candidates for public office. So the question to ask the Democratic Party is this: The Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act were passed fifty years ago. Why aren't independent voters allowed to vote in elections they have to pay for, and why are eccentric billionaires and political party mavericks the only ones allowed to run for office as independent candidates?
Independent voters want to see free and open elections restored in the United States. Party contentions mean less to independent voters with every election.


The closer November 4 becomes the more reinforced two dimensions of the Scott vs Crist matchup become to me.

One, Amendment 2 will significantly increase voter turnout AND INTEREST in this election compared to 2006 and 2010.

Two, the tens of millions Scott has spent has diminished Crist's standing with Floridians. BUT NOTHING can help Scott's high negatives. Scott's "likeability" index must be somewhere between root canal and colonoscopy!

ed jenkins

Democrat primary voters including this one are disgusted with their party and its turn away from its business and family friendly ways that it used to be know for and was the reason it dominated the state for decades. Now they have witnessed a party which has been taken over by horribly corrupt people who would never have nominated the great governors such as bob graham and Lawton chiles and we have seen no democrats elected in nearly 20 years to the governor position and massive minorities in U.S. and state congress after none of these occurred in the years since the founding of the state until 20 years ago. For this reason, this and most democrat primary voters are unlikely to vote for governor and unless party leaders replace the scumbag crist with a true democrat.


Democratic voters are disgusted with you Ed, not with Charlie Crist. Why don't join the Republicans you are as bad as Rick Scott.

The reality is I don't think the problem is Democratic voters, the issue has been for years the Party and our candidates. We attack each other and run terrible campaigns, we have a real shot shot to win the Governors office with Crist if we don't blow it.

I am still not seeing the grassroots effort from Crist and the party to win this race so far, but I beieve it can be done.

They need to get hispanics(but there is still no office in Hialeah), women and traditional democratic voters(african americans and labor) to the polls.

Charlie please I can't take four more years of Rick Scott, please shake up your campaign, you need to do this to win.

Voice of reason


Have faith. The Big Dog comes to town later this week.

A united effort and well run campaign await!

Keith Stegath

I don't believe it. EdwinaJ, was that really your post? Not only did I read past your first sentence, I read your entire post. Pretty good, but your vitriol did creep in at the end.

I liked Crist when he was moderate republican. A moderate republican is not a democrat. Moderate republicans understood the give-and-take of governing. Unfortunately most of those republicans have been voted out by the extremes and now we're stuck with a state and nation going down the crapper.

Caputo may or may not realize that he is part of the media that hinders the independent candidates. Main stream media has no interest in killing their cash-cow: putrid piles of bile-laced campaign money. The media can be part of stopping our nations decline. Either they don't understand their role in our decline or their corporate overlords and share holders won't allow it.

Today's media is a long way away from the standards set by Edward R. Morrow and Walter Cronkite.


"putrid piles of bile-laced campaign money."

Some countries have laws that limit airtime/print-time any candidate can have, or work out a system where all candidates get equal coverage. We could if we wanted to (heck, I think we used to, pre-Reagan I think).

It is a problem, but I think you try to place too much blame on “the media” and/or overestimate “their” power to change how campaigns/elections work in this country.

I's way downthread now, but please read my reply to you on this subject if you haven't already.



Sorry, forgot to mention I was replying to Keith in the previous post.

Keith Stegath

Hey MarvinM,
I generally agree with your previous posts.

I wasn't planning on writing a book but...

a) One big problem is that we've lost (or are losing) our lead in a lot of fields because we sit around poking each other in the eye. Other nations aren't waiting for us to get our act together. This is a symptom and a problem.

b) Societies are slow to change. The declines we're seeing today started 30-40 years ago - they began taking hold during the "me, me, me, mine, mine, mine" Reagan era (I voted for "the gipper" once). During his first term I remember thinking that in 20-30 years his choices would become evident with huge schisms in our nation.

c) "Mainstream media" (TV, radio, print) are lost. Most discount the idea that their argument, "giving the people what they want" is the "chicken or egg" argument. They (media)give people what they want, and the people want what they give (win win). It's a circular argument that solves nothing and absolves all from making hard decisions and taking any responsibility.
It's the reason trash shows get trashier.

In "control engineering" this behavior is called "positive feedback". Positive feedback is bad because it leads to a system that becomes increasingly unstable - eventually the instability exceeds the device's limits and it destroys itself.

That's what's happening today. 1) We feed our views with like-minded views (positive feedback). 2) Our views become more extreme because someone else has slightly more extreme views and the "other side" is brainwashed 3) To support our increasingly extreme views we only listen to like minded increasingly extreme views... 4) Back to "1" until... BOOM The machine self-destructs.

Until the "media" understands their role and detrimental effect of limiting access to other ideas (other candidates) our nation will continues its decline. Their argument "We only print, broadcast,... opinions from people who are known because the people don't want to hear about unknown people or opinions they don't agree with" is a circular, positive feedback loop.

Chuck and Rick are lawyers. Lawyers are not problem solvers.

Voice of reason

Lawyers solve problems everyday. Also they draft and negotiate settlements. They resolve client's disputes.

Most importantly they represent those without a voice!

Not so much..,

Dems will lose this election. I was turned off by the snubbing of a Nan Rich. All inclusive, big tent party my ass!

Keith Stegath

Voice, I'm going to call the EdwinaJ bias card here (sorry EdwinaJ). The lawyers running for office that we blindly elect (politicians) are not representative of "all Lawyers". The lawyers "we get the privilege of voting for" have failed in their craft (or lack of craft).

The issue I keep pressing is that technology drives who is able to make qualified decisions on the technology fueling our the world.

Two-hundred years ago, if someone could read, they were able to make informed decision and were qualified for politics - technology consisted of windows, horses, and plows.

One-hundred years ago mechanical systems were introduced but the cow, a horse and plows were still the norm so anyone able to read could make informed decisions.

Fifty years ago a color TV was hi-tech, and again anyone who could read and reason could make informed decisions.

Twenty-five years ago, a technological explosion occurred.

Technology is the driving force of the world. Do you believe the average lawyer understands the issues and can ask critical questions on a $200M proposal to upgrade an FBI computer system? FYI, after spending $100M the project was scrapped because it was unworkable.

There are countless examples of unqualified lawyers and politicians making decisions that has cost We the People hundreds-of-billions of dollars.

Rick Scott, Charlie Crist (both failed 20th century lawyers - my "EdJ card") and the bulk of people driving our nation into the ditch are not qualified to make decisions for a 21st century world.

The world is not waiting for us to quit messing around with the Crists', the Scotts', the Rubios'...

Our 15-year technological lead has evaporated. A few thousands people climbing a border fence or a plane crashing into a building is a minor threat to our national security. A dirty or nuclear bomb would feel like a poke in the eye compared to a cyber attack that will render useless our $B war machines, our water pumps, electrical grid, banks, ... We're years away from that situation, but "they" are working on it while "we" are pissing around with fences, immigration, healthcare, and guns.

diana drake

Yep, vote for the friends they take money from; Scott backed by ALEC n the Koch Bros pushing fossil fuel fracking, drilling.n consumption, FPL n nuclear power plant he. Gave ok adding 2 more reactors on wetlands at Turkey Point because it's super profitable or Crist backed by Tom Steyer Calif activist for clean solar n wind energy catching us up 2 rest of world's new clean energy economy See www.cleantechnica.com

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