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Florida Legislature sets schedule for 2015 session


Incoming Florida House Speaker Steve Crisafulli has notified members of which weeks to block out of their schedules leading up to the 2015 session.

They will first gather Nov. 18, two weeks after the election, to have an organizational session. If Gov. Rick Scott wins re-election, this will be business as usual. But if Democrat Charlie Crist wages an upset, there will be many changes in the Capitol and the Republican-controlled Legislature will have even more to discuss.

Of course, either way the gubernatorial election goes, there will be some newly elected members (and some former members returning) joining the Legislature on Nov. 18 and for training the week of December 8.

Here are the committee weeks:

  • -The week of January 5
  • -The week of January 20 (Begins on Tuesday because the state observes Martin Luther King Day)
  • -The week of February 2
  • -The week of February 9
  • -The week of February 16

The 60-day regular session begins March 3, 2015.


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....are you kidding me? So if there is no conflict of interest why wouldn't Curbelo just get beyond what he wants everyone to believe is empty rhetoric?

While on the show with Jim Defede he invited anyone to make a complaint. So a complaint should be made to the Inspector General of Miami Dade County. They can't force him to disclose either; but they can cause review of his voting patterns while on the school board to see who they may have benefited directly and indirectly----and how those who orchestrated his primary victory benefited---AND ultimately compare to the Capital Gains clients.

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