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Florida prison officials announce 'system-wide' reforms after gruesome deaths

Florida’s Department of Corrections, embarrassed by reports of a mentally ill inmate killed by guards — allegedly when they locked him in a brutally hot shower and left him — says it is instituting a series of system-wide reforms.

The measures will be unveiled Wednesday morning at a news conference at Everglades Correctional Institution.

“Stories report we have fallen short in specific instances with regard to facility leadership, safety, security, training and services for mentally ill inmates,” said Mike Crews, secretary of the department. “We’re fixing the problems that have been identified and as we identify new issues, we will fix those too. Our department should be held to the highest standards, and I have zero tolerance for anything less.”

Two years ago in June, 50-year-old Darren Rainey was marched into a locked, closet-like shower and left there for as long as two hours, until he collapsed and died. The shower was used on several occasions as a form of punishment for mentally ill inmates, fellow inmates have told the Herald. Story by Julie K. Brown here. 


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ed jenkins

The citizens trust their prison administrators to properly administer the prisons and they know from time to time injuries and even deaths to inmates will happen but they are fine with this since it acts as further deterrents to these monsters who so greatly harm innocent citizens.

Lynn C

I do NOT expect from time to time injuries and even deaths to inmates will happen. It would be unconstitutional to assume it is a deterrents.
I expect the prison officials to properly maintain
the care custody and control of the inmates.

Karl Marx Ghost

As usual, you nailed it Comrade Jenkins. Strategic infliction of injury and death is perhaps the most useful tool that governments have to maintain social control. You have to look no further than Ferguson Mo. to see how well the strategy works.

Parent who saw it first hand

If the citizens only knew what really goes on in prison...

Our incarceration facilities are horrendous. There are many, many racist black angry female corrections officers who regularly discriminate against white inmates. And there are more wacko women guards than men. Women should not be permitted in male cell blocks, dorms, or showers. They deliberately demean and emasculate these men unnecessarily. Not everyone in prison is a monster, especially in Florida. People get locked up for things here that would never happen in other states.
The medical care is horrendous. When an inmate has blood in their stools and is denied medical attention, it is inhumane and cruel. Animals would not be treated as badly.
If anything breaks, it never gets fixed. The roofs leak so horribly that it rains inside and the guards bring in so much contraband, cigarettes, synthetic pot, cell phones, etc., they create more fights and offenses within the inmate population. The guards are worse than the inmates. The whole system is broken and should be comprehensively reformed! The grievances filed by the inmates should be given more consideration and the corruption by those working at the prison might be curtailed. So horrible and out of control. Every lawmaker should be required to spend one week in one of our state prisons. They would not believe what they are subjecting nonviolent offenders to. It turns them into violent offenders. They should be given opportunities to reform, work, and serve the community instead of being a burden to taxpayer. I am sure that many Floridians would not agree on the extremely long sentencing guidelines in this state for nonviolent offenses. Most are drug abusers. Many are mentally ill. Some are homeless and are happy to get three meals, if you can call them that. The longer they are in there, the more their chances of working and becoming a law abiding citizen on the outside are diminished. Wake up Tallahassee.

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