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In Miami congressional race, GOP rivals spar over key issues

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With four days left until Tuesday’s election, differences over key policy issues emerged Friday among Republicans running for Florida’s 26th congressional district primary, as the candidates made their final pitches to primary voters.

Questions on sea-level rise, immigration and gay marriage revealed divisions among the four contenders who taped Facing South Florida, which will air Sunday on Miami Herald news partner WFOR-CBS 4. A fifth candidate, ex-Congressman David Rivera, declined to attend.

By the end of the taping, Carlos Curbelo, Ed MacDougall, Joe Martinez and Lorenzo Palomares-Starbuck had agreed on plenty. But there was dissent in the very first question from investigative reporter Jim DeFede, who asked if all the candidates vying to represent Westchester to Key West would concur that — whatever the cause — seas are rising.

Yes, said the candidates — except for one.

“I’m not exactly sure,” said Martinez, a former Miami-Dade County commissioner. “I’m not a scientist, Jim.”

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Jim Otto

Here are the facts out in the open about Captiol Gains:

Carlos Curbelo ceased being a manager member of Capitol Gains on October 1, 2009 according to a document on Sunbiz.org

After that date you will find his wife, Cecilia Curbelo listed on the annual reports.

However, if you go to the FEC.gov website for political contributions and add up the total you will find Carlos Curbelo has donated (according to what I could add up), $21,150 in political contributions where Capitol Gains is listed by the donation since he ceased being the managing member on 10/1/2009. Since you have to mention your occupation/employer on the disclosures.

Since 2011, Carlos Curbelo has made $7,600 in political donations where MDCPS or Miami Dade County Public Schools was listed.

Yet, his wife, Cecilia Curbelo, has never made a single political contribution where Capitol Gains is listed. Rather her political contributions historically, list Homemaker, Housewife, The Stuffed Envelope (a now defunct company) and Self Employed/Business Owner.

Yet, she made a political contribution to Carlos Curbelo's own congressional campaign on 7/9/2013 in the amount of $2600 as a Housewife, but then later gave on 12/31/2013 also $2600 as a Homemaker.

And keep in mind she is listed as Manager of Capitol Gains on those sunbiz.org documents, with Carlos Curbelo nowhere to be found there.

Yet, Carlos Curbelo made a $2600 to his Congressional Campaign where Miami Dade County Public Schools is listed on 8/30/2013 and later on 12/31/2013 made also a $2600 donation to his campaign where Capitol Gains is listed.

I read in another article over here, http://www.politicalcortadito.com/2014/06/12/carlos-curbelo-hides-client-list-wife/

This leaves my scratching my head and I think Jim DeFede was absolutely right to question Carlos Curbelo about this issue.

Then why is his wife listed as the manager of record on the company?


.....so if there is nothing to hide or otherwise be ashamed of--why doesn't this guy just come out and disclose as one of his mentors Mitt finally did---and before the election??

The fact that he doesn't just adds to the smell every day. I think we have all heard the expression "where there is smoke there is fire". Better the people know before they vote than after.

Regarding living in or out of the district; I remember seeing something wherein only recently were the district lines redrawn to where the MacDougall homestead was now out----only having been in previously for many years. Perhaps this is why there is no hard fast requirement that a person live within the district....knowing that is they could be redrawn in or out or in or out or........

....in my way of thinking is that the issue? or is it there is a candidate who is doing his best to slink below the radar of public disclosure on a technicality. To that end I think we could all understand a person who legitimately realigns his company because of the desire to provide public service.

But what we seem to have here is an "apprentice" who is doing his best to play hopscotch by parlaying his lobbying contacts into a political career. I find it hard to believe a Mitt or Jeb would have signed on for this if they knew the whole picture.

Ed MacDougall

As is usual Patty Mazzei, gets it wrong! Her spin? " Were the farm workers Criminals". Mazzi was sitting in the room during the interview and the question was " yes or no, did illegal immigrants break the law to get here"? yes or no". The answer had to be "Yes".

Of course the answer was yes, this is a Nation of laws. But Patty Mazzei, who needs sensationalism miss informs the public. She just did not want her boy to look bad, knowing perfectly well that he thinks it is ok to break the law. One lawyer and two former law enforcement officers knew the right answer, only Curbelo got it wrong.

I will always call it like it is and Mazzei, you live in a spin zone! It is easy, just tell the truth.

But Curbelo won't, he hides his lobbyist company behind his wife's name. All should ask, WHO are your clients from your lobbying company while you sit on a multi billion dollar school board budget? This, a lobbying company that paid you $250,000 in just two years, while serving on the taxpayers board?

ed jenkins

The citizens are extremely disappointed that such horrible questions are asked of their political leaders such as whether the water is rising when all know that it rises when the tide comes in and lower when it goes out. They also are horrified that a forum which could be seen by families and children was desecrated by asking questions about perverted sex acts.

Keith Stegath

Edwina, thank-you for speaking for me. I was concerned that your huge brain was getting squashed and rotting inside that tiny cavity between your ears.

Also, thank-you for explaining the science behind the tides. While I'm no expert, I think you may want to use that massive brain and explain that the "water rising" is determined by your frame of reference. From the "water's" frame of reference (point of view), the land is moving. From the land's point of view, the water is moving.

It's obvious that everything we've been taught about the tides being caused by the moon is wrong. Please explain to everyone that the real reason for the tides is the gravity from your massive brain. Maybe the solution to "rising water levels" would be for you to walk to the center of the Atlantic ocean and use the gravitational pull of your brain to stop the tides and save the world.

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