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Jeb Bush and Rick Scott together Fri


Charlie Crist's three-day bus tour concludes Friday with to-be-announced event in Miami, after campaign stops in Tallahassee and Jacksonville Wednesday, and Orlando and Tampa Bay on Thursday.

But in south Florida Friday,  former Jeb Bush Republican-turned Democratic nominee Crist may have trouble dominating the media as the original Jeb Bush Republican - Jeb Bush - makes his first campaign appearance this year with Rick Scott. Only a few months ago, Crist called Bush a "great" governor.

Scott campaign spokeswoman Jackie Schutz says Govs. Bush and Scott will visit "a business in Homestead to highlight proposals to keep Florida working."


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WHAT? Jeb Bush isn't going to brag about Floriduh's great education system? Rick Scott has deferred to Bush on every education policy. The fact that they won't be highlighting their education alliance is more proof of their ineffectiveness. These 2 corporate welfare pimps will sell their services to the highest bidder.

ed jenkins

The citizens are thankful to Bush, their most popular former governor for his service which was unselfish for a man who could have made far more money in the private sector during his 8 years. It is a good sign for them that this scott had the support of their favorite former governor.

Bill McCollum

Jeb supported me against Scott.

But how did I ever lose to this guy?

Tally Folly

Great way to continue to damage your already broken brand Jeb, be seen supporting a failed governorship and a crook who stole billions from taxpayers. And I am not talking about your brother George W.

Bill Thompson

The citizens wish they had a governor like the great former governors Askew, Graham and Chiles that believed in integrity and transparency and exhibited it every day in their administrations. These were great leaders with a passion for leadership, vision and concern for the every day Floridian.

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