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Jeb Bush conflicted over feds role in medical-marijuana enforcement


Former Gov. Jeb Bush opposes Florida’s medical-marijuana initiative, but the potential GOP presidential candidate said he’s not sure if the federal government should enforce federal cannabis laws if the Sunshine State proposal passes.

Bush’s struggle with the state-federal split over medical marijuana reflects a broader struggle in the national Republican Party, where anti-drug hardliners are at odds with states-rights conservatives and libertarians over the issue.

Though a top Republican and frequent critic of President Obama, Bush refrained from repudiating the current White House’s position to de-emphasize enforcement of certain marijuana laws in the 20 states that have legalized medical cannabis, plus Washington D.C., and the two states that have completely legalized adult personal use of the drug, Colorado and Washington.

Asked Friday about the federal government’s role in prosecuting pot laws in medical-marijuana states, Bush said he’d have to give it more thought.

“In medical marijuana states? I don’t know. I’d have to sort that out,” Bush said. “I think that states ought to have a right to decide these things. I think the federal government’s role in our lives is way too-overreaching.”

“But having said that,” he continued, “if you’re in Colorado and you can purchase marijuana openly, should people in Wyoming not be concerned about that? And I think there, maybe, the federal law needs to be looked at — interstate commerce.”

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ed jenkins

This Bush again shows why he is the state's most popular former governor as he thinks about all possibilities when making a decision. The citizens greatly appreciate his work in maintaining a family friendly state that preceded his time in office which was established mostly by former democrat governors. They also appreciate his continued efforts to maintain the family friendly state by informing the unwise and misinformed about the dangers of these dangerous illegal drugs.

While this most popular former governor has these concerns in mind he wisely considers that the citizens do not want deferral laws overruling well thought out laws that they have put in place in this state. However he realizes in this case sinister actors and drug dealers are attempting to fool some unwise citizens into thinking these dangerous illegal drugs have healing powers despite the fact that the only credible authorities, our most respected doctors in this state have repeatedly advise the citizens not to buy into these false claims of a group of drug dealers and charlatans. Therefore he will wisely encourage federal drug prosecutions of violators of those laws.


Support the drug cartels and your local drug gang. Vote No on amendment 2.

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