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Miami-Dade commission candidates trade jabs over Marlins Park


Miami-Dade Commissioner Lynda Bell debuted a new line of attack Friday against challenger Daniella Levine Cava: She accused the social-services nonprofit Levine Cava used to run of supporting an unpopular public-financing deal for the Marlins' ballpark.

"Daniella Levine Cava owes this community, its children and future generations an apology for lobbying and supporting the biggest squandering of public tax dollars to date -- the disastrous Marlins Stadium Deal of 2008," Bell said in a press release emailed by her campaign.

Bell's camp pointed to remarks delivered on Feb. 21, 2008, by Abigail Vladeck, policy director of the Human Services Coalition (now Catalyst Miami) in which Vladeck said she "share[d] the sentiments" with then-County Mayor Carlos Alvarez and City Mayor Manny Diaz "that in order to be a major league city, Miami needs a major-league baseball stadium."

"The funding for the deal is certainly a feat of creativity and ingenuity," Vladeck added. At the time, Levine Cava was the Human Services Coalition's chief executive.

But though she might not have said so outright, Vladeck was actually speaking against the stadium proposal, a speaker's card she filled out that day shows.

Speaker's card

A handout she gave county commissioners listed ways to amend the agreement with the Marlins to make it "a good deal for all of Miami." (The handout can be viewed here, scrolling down to page three.)

Levine Cava responded Friday with a statement bashing Bell. The two women are vying for District 8 in a heated, partisan contest.

"She is lying about my record and the facts simply don't hold up," Levine Cava said. "Unlike my opponent, I have long been a champion of holding government accountable and ensuring taxpayer dollars are well spent."

Listen to Vladeck's remarks yourself in this video of the more than 10-hour-long commission meeting. Vladeck spoke at about the 4:35 mark.


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Maud Parr

Quite frankly, I saw Abigail's video and she seemed to support the Marlins deal.

She sure did not oppose it or speak against it.

Maybe she was confused. Poor thing.


Maud Parr is a fake online profile being used by Lynda Bell's team to troll Daniella Levine Cava's Facebook Page and social media.

"Her" profile is here: https://www.facebook.com/maud.parr

By the way, if you think her profile photo looks familiar, that's because it's a stockphoto used throughout the web: http://bit.ly/1uwIUI1


Carlos Alvarez got recalled and disgraced ex-Mayor Manny Diaz and ex-CFO Larry Spring are still being investigated by the Federal Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) over the Marlins scam. Politicians like Bruno Barrerio, Marc Sarnoff and Dennis Moss voted to divert over $3 Billion from the taxpayers. There should be indictments.

Frank Del Vecchio

Daniella Levine participated in a coalition of organizations, convened by Marty Margulies and Michael Burnstine, in which I took an active role, whose purpose was to expose the unconscionable public financing aspects of the Marlins Stadium deal.

Frank Del Vecchio
Miami Beach

Arnold Markowitz

It's disappointing that the campaign has become distorted by untruths and distortions.

I just looked up Michael's link to Maud Parr, which does appear to be a stock photo. It's captioned "old lady with dog," although whoever the woman is doesn't look so old.

One could argue that such sneaky stuff has to be expected in a political campaign, but no it doesn't.

You won't find DLC resorting to those tactics, nor any ostensibly independent political committee working for her election. She does not have the capacity for low-blow campaigning. She would not permit it on her behalf.

How do I know this with such certainty? I write as a non-political personal friend since the mid-1990s, not only of Daniella but of her entire family-- husband, daughter, son, brother-in-law and late mother-in-law. I am proud to stick up for her, as I would for any of them. If you know any of that bunch well enough to assess their character, you know exactly what I mean.

I have a quite minor role in Daniella's campaign: driving her around District 8 on canvassing tours.

My motives: If you wonder why I am doing that or why I am writing this, I already told you. Scan back two paragraphs.

Arnold Markowitz

Captain Obvious

The handout given said nothing to improve the deal. It gave three points as to why the deal was good?!?! Patricia Mazzei seems to be doing bias reporting on this issue.


Too bad Lynda's team is stooping so low- seems like desperation. Cheers to Daniella and her team for taking the high road. That's the kind of person we want in office!

Pan Dejo

Daniella Levine Cava is a nice and decent human being with the best interest of the community at heart. Ms. Bell on the other hand is a deceitful underhanded witch! I have had the displeasure to have had an experience with this woman that was all I ever needed to know about her. I hope she is out on her arse!


Bell lies again - nothing new


Did any of you actually watch the video?? The word oppose never came out of Vladeck's mouth, and any reasonable person would conclude that Cava ' s Human Services Coalition took a position in support of the concept. Look at the quotes that were pulled out if your too busy to watch the video. That was the theme of the comments on the public record. So which one was it?


By the way, what is important was what was said, not the speaker card that was filled out because watching the comments, no reasonable person would characterize her comments as being against the Stadium.

ed jenkins

The citizens are thankful for this long-time resident Bell who has lived up to the standards they expect in this non-partisan office. They are disgusted to see this lady who cannot choose 2 names among her 3 as is done in this country would inject partisanship into a non-partisan race.

Bell fan

Ed's right, this race is all about what the candidates call themselves.

Sometimes it's more important what you don't say.. Like the Dolphin stadium giveaway meeting on June 17 where Jordan famously proclaimed "Bed tax money is other people's money and I love spending other people's money"

Bell didn't say a word in over 90 minutes of debate. Then cast her "NO" vote after the motion had passed 10-1.

So I guess Dolphin owners Ross's $10,000 contribution to Bell's campaign didn't buy her support but it sure brought some silence.

Lynda Bell

Now, the race just appears to be decided by the people who are aware and those who aren't aware. The people in favor of Ms. Bell, are in the "unaware" column.

Maud Purr. Captain Obvious. Blah Blah Blah.

You seem to know how to type and use the internet. Consider saving your souls and going over to the good side. Daniella is a forgiving and gracious person.

Oppose overpaying employees

Both candidates should be aggressively opposing County employees getting excessive pay and benefit plans. Union officials try to pressure candidates to promise to increase pay and benefits but that is just fiscal suicide. So much money goes to overpay public sector employees that there is almost no money left to improve the taxpayers quality of life.

Liberty Bell

The pay schedule of all county union workers is public record and on the internet. It's set in stone with three year written contracts that are approved through a vote by the County Commission. So Ms. Bell voted on the last contract. Yet Ms. Bell says county employees have too much of everything.

She's ratting herself out for doing a piss poor job during her tenure.

BTW, the Mayor's Deputy Mayor got 10 days of administrative leave just for accepting his position. It's illegal to promise this kind of leave to a future employee. That's your county money. Lynda doesn't mention this "excessive benefit." Oh yes, it's because he's not in the union.

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