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Miami-Dade commissioner in tough reelection fight gets heavyweight endorsement: Ileana Ros-Lehtinen


Less than a week before Election Day, Miami-Dade County Commissioner Lynda Bell unveiled the endorsement of popular Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen.

"I ask you to go out and vote for my great friend," Ros-Lehtinen says in a Spanish-language web video. "Lynda Bell has always fought for our values, creating jobs, keeping your taxes low and protecting our families."

Bell faces a serious reelection challenge from first-time candidate Daniella Levine Cava, who has been heavily supported by state and local Democrats. The race is nonpartisan, but Levine Cava is a Democrat and Bell is a Republican. So is Ros-Lehtinen, whose 27th congressional district partly overlaps with Bell's. Ros-Lehtinen drew no challengers this year and was automatically reelected.

With the video, Bell's campaign is trying to attract reliable, Cuban-American Republican voters -- many of whom may be going to the polls Tuesday for a different race, the GOP primary for Florida's 26th congressional district.

Decent turnout in that more high-profile contest could benefit Bell, since, relatively speaking, few nonpartisan voters cast ballots in primaries because there are fewer races for them to consider.

Here's the Ros-Lehtinen endorsement video:



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Now that Ileana sides with the likes of Lynda Bell, I'll not vote for Ileana again. By her approving of a commissioner with a list of shady acts, (for example, her family's fencing company benefiting from her sponsored ordinance,) that affiliation tarnishes my trust in the Senator's judgment.

ed jenkins

The citizens greatly appreciate the work of this long time resident Bell but they do not believe it is wise to associate with this most hated lehtinen lady who follows un-American practices such as using punctuation in her name.

Bell corrupt votes?

It appears Ileana Ros-Lehtinen did not do any due diligence. Bell just voted to give away a $400 Mil waterfront park to several connected hangers-on including a disbarred attorney. Bell asked for nothing in return. Taxpayers get screwed. That OK with Ros-Lehtinen?

Joe Blow

the only thing heavy about Ros Lehtinen are her jowels which droop from her cheaks!
Ileana is a DINOSAUR and what is so wrong with Congress. She hasn't accomplished jack sh*t over the past ten years yet the crazy Cubans in SW Miami Dade keep electing this do nothing relic over and over.
time to put Ileana and her cronies out to pasture.
If Ros Lehtinen is supporting her, Bell is no good!

John Smith

Sounds like Daniella's campaign is commenting on this and many others blogs....hmmm sounds like someone's nervous...wonder why?

Everglades Lover

I am disgusted as a voter today! I saw the fire fighter union beating up on an old man at Coral Reef library when I went to vote! There were 10 fire fighters who surrounded this old man with a Lynda Bell shirt. Are these the tactics Daniella wants to bring to county hall?!? Check it out...I think Lynda Bell's campaign put the video on Facebook.

Watched the video

I saw that video on Lynda Bell's fb page...nobody was beating anybody up. It looked like one firefighter got into a conversation with the Bell supporter, and then all the other firefighters just showed up right away and pulled him away.


Bell is of the very few commissioners that have ever sided with the tax payers of this County on wasteful spending , I see these negative comments most likely by police and fire fighters wanting to defend how they want to continue milking the pay payer for every penny they can.


Let's not forget the poor defenseless animals that Bell turned her back on. She's nasty, siding with that evil Gimenez, and the other low lives that sit on that dias. They all need to go.

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