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Mitt Romney campaigns, fundraises for Miami congressional candidate Carlos Curbelo


RomneySweltering heat, protesters and key-lime pie cupcakes greeted former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney on Monday when he campaigned in Miami's West Kendall suburb for congressional hopeful Carlos Curbelo.

"It's nice to be out campaigning for other people," Romney told reporters at Vicky Bakery, where he went behind the serving counter to try the cupcakes. He appeared relaxed in jeans, shirt-sleeves and a loose tie.

When asked if he would consider a third presidential run, he said, "No, I'm not doing that."

The Obama administration, Romney said, "has a good heart but doesn't understand what's needed to get America working for the middle class." 

Romney had already endorsed Curbelo. The brief campaign appearance preceded an evening Coconut Grove fundraiser for the Miami-Dade School Board member, who's running in the 26th congressional district GOP primary along with Cutler Bay Mayor Ed MacDougall, former Miami-Dade County Commissioner Joe Martinez, attorney Lorenzo Palomares-Starbuck and ex-Congressman David Rivera.

Democrats have ignored the other candidates and instead focused on Curbelo, the presumed frontrunner in the race to challenge incumbent Joe Garcia. The party organized a group of about 20 demonstrators outside the bakery. They brought back chants from the 2012 presidential campaign, including "We are the 47 percent." At one point, a Curbelo supporter yelled at them, in Spanish: "Comunistas!"

Photo credit: Charles Trainor Jr., Miami Herald staff


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Can't take anymore

JEB! may not be pleased to see Mitt sniffing around in his backyard as the run up to the 2016 Republican presidential primaries start to gain traction. It is pretty well known that Mr. Willard Romney still has hopes of making another run (God knows he has the money to do it) and that The Jebster has already begun showing signs of campaign fever.

Jim Otto

First day of school and I wondered where my school board member was. Oh yeah, Curbelo was too busy fundraising for his own self-interests and later that night is going to have another fundraiser at Grove Isle with a bunch of tax cheats.

Great way to start the school year.

Curbelo and Romney are given more press time than the protesters, the people who actually vote for them.

When are we going to have leaders that put the people above their own interests?

At least I have the right to choose someone like Mayor Ed MacDougall or former commissioner Joe Martinez, two people who do put the people first instead of a school board member who hasn't even finished out his first term and still won't explain the activities of his lobbying firm Capitol Gains since putting it in his wife's name.

Disenfranchised Voter

I understand Katy Sorenson complemented Carlos for being soft on the Affordable Care Act on This Week in South Florida. Not exactly the kind of endorsement a Republican would be seeking these days.

Mitt is a good businessman and a bad politician who probably can fit in a thimble the things he knows about Carlos Curbelo.

Curbelo is NO economic reformer. He approves a budget that is prepared by Judy Marte CFO, Ron Steiger, CBO and Wirthy Fuentes at the school board and rides the coat tails of the Supe and the thousands of employees that work to deliver ed to our county schools.

Carlos is NO educational innovator. He sponsored a resolution asking the state to adopt Common Core (Florida Standards) for Jeb Bush. The Republican platform in 2008 was to shrink the roll of the Department of Education, not grow it. I can't imagine why Curbelo would expect Republicans to get behind that mess. Oh, wait, they didn't get behind that mess. The Republican Party of Florida and the Republican Executive Party BOTH ARE AGAINST COMMON CORE (Florida Standards). Other states that backed it are dropping like flies. I guess they fell for the "you have to pass it before you see whats in it" line and then had regrets.

No GOP rock star with that guy.


"That Mitt Romney can sure turn a flailing campaign for a around!" Said no one ever about the two time South Florida loser.


"That Mitt Romney can sure turn a flailing campaign around!" --Said no one ever about the two time South Florida loser.

Joe Blow

Curbello is a weasal who is called "Carvahlo's poodle".
He's accomplished NOTHING in his four years on the board besides SUCKING UP to Alberto and trying to make himself look good.
The guy is a GAMBLING LOBBYIST for Genting Group of Malaysia who bought the old downtown Herald land to build a major casino.
Curbello in typical R fashion turned over his lobbying business to his wife before filing for Congress and refuses to disclose if any of his "clients" do business with the school board.
Curbello is just ANOTHER CORRUPT Republican! I'd vote for David Rivera before I voted for Weasal Curbelo!


Curbelo wrote an op-ed for the Miami Herald in 2010 or 2011 telling his constituents to "stop complaining" about cuts in funding for education - probably the most politically brain dead comment a Republican school board member can make. This guy is not ready for prime time. Of course the article is now missing from miamiherald.com. Patricia Mazzei, do you think you could dig it up from the archive? Some direct quotes: "continue finding ways to do more with less" and "reduced funding levels do not necessarily yield lower quality of service".


The corruption win again,...


Jamas votaria por nadie que sea opollado por por la BASURA de Romney

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